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  • Was Kh1 FM sephiroth harder then regular kh1 one
    I hope Armor Erauqs will give a keyblade >;]
    I finally beat MF with all three of them...
    thanks for the good strategy how to beat him artist!
    Yeah i saw that on your video with ven
    If i remember i think it said hes weak whens he in the air or something like that but when he catches you with the ultra combo of his pretty much hes got you..
    lol i almost had him with ven 10 seconds ago but damn sky climber cost me the match -__-p yeah i just wish ven could do the same damage as terra!
    Man i dont even know how to record and stuff
    but believe me i was able to do it! promise to GOD!
    I`m trying to beat him with ven right now but no luck -__-" i just wish ven could do the same damage as terra lol!
    haha I gave him no chance to perform any move! i was just tapping thunder surge! over and over!
    Yo I beat MF with Terra! o_O now im just left with ven!
    I mite use a certain deck like that >:]
    Whats your recommended deck to use Btw?
    like can use Raging Storm or Triple Firaga just want to be fair ;D!
    hah same here only with Aqua i defeated MF!
    I dont think i plan on getting no name with ven and terra
    I have ultima for terra only..
    I`ll be going in with Aqua mos def i bet cyber will be going in with Terra of course!
    Nah i`ll just use whatever ice cream i equip!
    haha i`ll be using no name and i bet you and him will too
    haha you guys gotta stream that foreals^^

    >:D I`m up for a challenge i just hope you guys dont tag team on me!
    Can use anykind moves lmao!
    What do you guys use and what you dont use haha
    because i dont want to start the match of me hip yuping to you guys and then Zero Graviga and then you guys mite be like wth sadie or something like that?

    I would fricken laugh if Nomura created a Iron Prisoner V in final mix^^
    Cyber you guys challenge everytime?
    I seen one of his video of you guys in Vs Arena Mode
    heh you whoop him yeah >XD

    ehhh when you get your new ps3 i like challenge with you guys one time!^^

    One fun game!
    If Nomura did that alot of people would be pissed haha >XD

    I wouldnt mind using Erauqs keyblade for aqua foreals!

    About the video
    00:38 i know how that feels

    Well props to you and TBO!
    you guys the only two that did it?
    hah for final mix They should just make the X- blade ,Erauqs,Xehnaorts keyblade equipable >XD
    Cant agrue there I still havent beaten him with my level 50 terra uhh last night i almost had him he had no bar left but those lasers got me -___-" p

    Got a link to the video artist?
    hah an Empty Armor vs a other Empty Armor sounds awsome!
    Monstro is a boss in the ma right?
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