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  • I particularly enjoy and practice the thumb- and finger-dexterity related sports, such as shooters, action games and RPGs.
    I'm swapping over the the 360 because it lets me play online with my girlfriend, and I refuse to use Sony's online service since they changed their terms of service (even if this particular change only applies in North America), preventing individuals mounting class action lawsuits against Sony, and stopping them from having courts arbitrate the proceedings.
    Damn you, I would love to have some form of sport I could enjoy, and were it archery, all the more awesome.

    Just doing my last revision for my Philosophy of Natural Science exam tomorrow morning, after which I trade my PS3 in for a 360, and pick up Elder: Scrolls Skyrim. Tomorrow I will be an especially happy student :)

    No, closest I got was an hour's session at some high school camp several years ago. Getting actual training and advice on it would be really cool, I could imagine.
    Feeling fairly good, physics exam confirmed my expectations: I've no lack of knowledge in any particular field, I just lack the ability to apply it effectively under pressure. In hindsight, without even reviewing the question booklet, I know now how to solve all the problems posed to me.

    What of you? How goes your studies? Approximately what do you study? I don't think I've formed any sufficient idea of that...
    Actually, it's on Monday, so I have the weekend, thank Random Chance, Natural Selection and Physical Laws and/or Constants.

    You can throw in a bunch of spaces between words, it'll count as characters.
    Beginning to feel the panic settle in for the physics exam that covers light, electromagnetism, relativity, quantum theory and atomic physics. Basically all the stuff I've never ever been good at.

    At least there's an astronomy exam elsewhere :)
    And I guess so long as they consider themselves some shining example of crusading goodness in the world, their priorities will always lie where they are least useful.

    Land of the brave, home of the free. Hah. What brave nation spends trillions of dollars on the world's largest military? What place of freedom is it when year by year some part of your rights, privacy and security is taken away?
    You're a US citizen, right?

    HELP D:

    Genesis [Save the James Webb Space Telescope] - YouTube
    Space Engine is free, but there's no real interactivity to it. It's mostly about going around and exploring a procedurally-generated Virgo Supercluster.
    All I know is - somewhere along the way - you'll need a credit card. UniSand physics is pretty simple, but can make some cool/beautiful things. Disturbing planetary rings or making certain systems around them makes for some of the most beautiful figures I've seen. If you've got a beefy PC, also check out Space Engine.
    Hah, you make it sound like there is some kind of scientific knowledge in the roleplaying section. There are a definite three people (myself included) who have comparatively deep scientific knowledge and like sci-fi roleplays or roleplaying with science. Most people in roleplaying don't touch science with a ten foot pole, instead just saying magic, ki, or introducing some kind of higher realm where weird physics and powers can actually happen.
    Sounds a lot more believable to me: The existence of a hateful/trickster deity as opposed to an 'all-loving' one.

    I mean, some of those posts - aside from even the science aspects - just don't make any fucking sense. Why don't I just cut this plane in half? Do I know about explosive decompression? Nope. Why NOT ask the public of North Korea for the whereabouts of a fugitive?
    Summer here is near the end of the year and into the next. Hopefully heading to England at the end of December and for the entirety of January.
    I don’t know why people bother making them anymore. I certainly don’t zinc they’re funny. Probably because all the good ones argon.

    Good to have you back.
    Wouldn't have a clue what that means, actually D:

    Something to do with the cross product which we've yet to learn of, maybe?
    I can't recall completely, but I think they were poking fun at hipsters ('I liked x before it was cool') or nostalgic people in general who thought everything was better back in their day (eg games, kids shows).
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