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  • Hey. I just wanted to let you know that you're a really great impact and good influence to the community in many of the threads you posted/posted in. I also really appreciate the critique and tips you gave me about my type assemblages I put together.

    As your title says, Subtly Inspiring. Well, because you are.

    Since I can't seem to stop staring at your photography, and I need someone with mad talent to lend me some advice, I figure you're my best shot!

    I'm looking into buying my first serious camera. I'm on study abroad in Europe right now so I'll be shooting a lot of architecture/scenery/landscape, but obviously the more versatile the better. I'm not overly concerned about price.. any ideas? Thanks man.
    Is your Avi Naomi kins? If so, respect! I was going to get a Naomily set made some time soon but you seem to have beaten me to it.
    hey you
    stop being so good at graphic design
    just thought you might like to know since you said you couldn't remember,
    if i had to guess who said the quote in your new art piece
    i'd probably say deepak chopra or some other new age thinker.

    cuz that quote is like one of the big principles of new age thinking.

    here to ask if ya can please kindly vote in the artist of the month threadd
    link in my sig if ya need one.
    tMS is new, the creator has a jtv/livestream account that he broadcast from during the night into the early morning.
    I got in on the project and he's releasing the website as soon as he gets enough artist to feature and fixes the tweaks.

    But that's cool, I'll talk to you on AIM sometime after I finish the other interviews so we can get that whole thing done.
    Hey Ray, sorry to bother you but I just recently became a staff member over at tMS (don't ask).
    I was wondering if you didn't mind being featured on the site as a graphic designer.
    The creator of the site is trying to get together at least 12 featured people planned out prior to it's launch and I was just wondering if it was something you'd be interested in.
    If so just send me a message back on my profile or PM me and I'll ask you a couple question to put up as the interview portion of the feature.
    yeah sure. forgot you cant post in close threads. damn you retired staff

    but anyway, ill open it back up real quick
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