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  • I had a doctor appointment today for my throat.. I won't know the results until tomorrow.

    I'm thinking about watching Captain America: The First Avenger.
    Aw, I'm sorry. :(

    I'm feeling happy, lol. I think it's because it's a nice day here.. warm, but cool at the same time weather. The sun shining so warmly.. ah, i could fall asleep outside with the animals. :3
    Oh, that's pretty!

    Well, It wasn't fun.. some of the series I like to watch was pushed back to January 2013! Idiots.. They didn't give off a warning that they were going to do this.
    It's okay. I have seen some shows that it happens to people, but not to us.. unless it happens to you, which it did and it's pretty scary.

    I think I better not freak you out more on that, huh?
    Ok, I'll tell you this: I was beaten up by my ex-dad and mom was pretty much raped her a lot, and it pretty much took a toll on us. We are doing fine, but sometimes we're not.

    My body is feeling and may be acting more female, so to speak.
    I'm glad you do know how I feel.. but mine is worse. It started after my parent's divorce that, well, let's say it was nice for a change to have no dad in the house, but there are some things that bothers me while I was growing up. I'm not sure if you want to hear it or not, but if you do, just say the word, I'll tell you.

    Alongside with it, I am going through.. um, body fighting change. I'm pretty sure you may know what I meant.
    Of course! lmao, I should have known that! XD

    I bet you could.. :3

    Twilight Saga, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Avengers. There's the Fast and Furious series. Also, Back to the Future series. :)
    I give up on this! What does it mean??

    Oh, well, in this case, what's your favorite movies?
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