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    Dose any body realy hate Re:coded

    Honestly, the story is what I really like while the different gameplay, at fun at times, didn't really care for as I preferred the standard hack n' slash (if you can call KH's gameplay that) stuff. Maybe I need to replay it to see if my opinion changes. Bottom line, I wouldn't say I hate...
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    Daybreak Town in 3?

    I was wondering if anyone else thinks Daybreak Town might make an appearence in 3? Maybe Sora goes into the past and learns how the war truly started.
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    Film ► Favorite Moment from a Disney Movie

    I made sure with an admin that it was okay to make this first. This thread you can relieve your childhood and post videos/gifs of your favorite moment from a Disney movie/movies. It can be funny,sad, heartwarming, terrifying, whatever. I have a few here. Also make sure you title what movie and...
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    New Clothes for Donald and Goofy?

    I've just realized that Sora's been getting all of these costume changes and Donald and Goofy been shafted with them wearing the same clothes for the past 7 games. Don't you think its time for them to get a makeover? Hell even Mickey changed his clothes once in a while. Then again he is the...
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    TV ► Stars Vs. the Forces of Evil

    Since I didn't see a thread for it, thought I'd might as well make one. For those who don't know what its about here's a summary of the plot from wikipedia: "Princess Star Butterfly is sent into the planet Earth after she skirmished evil monsters at her home in another dimension called Mewni...
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    Young Eraqus' VA?

    Anyone know who his VA is? He sounds very familiar. Heard it was Drake Bell.
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    Admit It

    When they saw trailer, even for a split second, who else thought YX was Riku?
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    The Confrontation between Eraqus and Terra

    New villain for the next saga anyone?
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    Problems with the Command Board.

    Just spam it and you're good
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    Is Sora under a lot of stress?

    Been thinking about this for a little bit and maybe it's something Nomura might touch upon in 3. Is Sora secretly under a lot of stress? I mean think about, he basically had the whole shoulder of saving not one world but multiple worlds and had to do it by himself a good number of times. So...
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    Did anyone else not really like the nobodies?

    Re: Did anyone else no really like the nobodies? Also the term "Nobody" doesn't really fit them. "Remnants" is more appropriate. Also it's not like I disliked them, just that they were severely underused. To the point where I almost forgot they existing.(no pun intended)
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    Keyblade Transformation Questions

    1.Since Keyblade Transformation seems like a master level skill, can Mickey do it or is it something exclusive to Eraqus' teaching? 2.Who the hell taught Sora how to do it? 3.Did he pick it up from the Lingering Will? 4.Or did Sora tell Yen Sid of this and had knowledge on how to do it?
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    Dual Wielding Keyblade Xemnas Boss

    Since Xemnas was made from the heart of 2 keyblade wielders and it's been pretty much confirmed that he can already use one, wouldn't also imply that he can also dual wield like Roxas? I for one would love too see a boss where he uses a hybrid of his Ethereal Blades and Xehanort's Keyblade that...
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    Does having a connection with someone affect you later on in your life?

    I feel like the ceremony also passed on a little piece of them in them. That or I'm just thinking too deep into it.
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    Does having a connection with someone affect you later on in your life?

    What I mean is a heart to heart like Ven/Sora, Terra/Riku, Aqua/Kairi. 'Cause Sora has shown to have a similar personality to Ven when he got older. Same goes Riku and Kairi. Also what happens or at least what did happen to them is similar. Both Ven and Sora lost their hearts, both Terra and...