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  • well, one of them almost ran over me(she saw me in her parking place and decided to "have a little fun'with me) and the other one told my sister i didnt deserve a good good role...
    im pretty decent (dont want to sound conceded) i work really hard in chorus...just hate how people have talent but are such awful people...
    XD yeah, though that dosent play a ver important role since its more about six particular charters. yeah, i love my parts!(though they are not main ones...)
    its in "the foyer"section of the forms if you ever need it along with examples of what you can report

    okay!see ya!
    no, theres a "report a memeber" thread on here, so if you do get one of those or an actual memeber acts rude to you, just repot them there.although, telling them to go south, and i dont mean past the equator, would have been fun!XD

    okay, im probably going to get off soon too, but i wont be on till late tommrow night.so talk to ya then!
    ahh, i undestand (girl too) the worse i encountered so far is someone spamming me personally.
    Thank you my sister made them for me. She can make really good signatures and avatars. Her user names is ~Oblivion~ if I remember correctly. I'll tell her about you. If your interested.
    Hello to all visiters passing through!

    I'm brand sparkly new to this site and this being my first ever forum, so please please please be nice to the new girl :)
    And if you are i'll give you a biscuit. Sound's fair right? Thought so.
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