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  • Omgyes, I always thought they should have teamed up. Her teaming up with Pete made her look like such a failure of a villian in KH2 (part of the reason why I didn't like the game as much.) They really need to make her more evil again in the next installments. :3

    Any Disney villains you want in KH3D/3? XD
    LOLyeah. And KH2 seemed to radiate MaleficentPete, which kind of irked me a lot. There is so many things wrong with that. o.o
    HAHA. Would have made KH 10x better fo' srs. XD
    But no, there's some creepy RikuMaleficent vibes instead. u-u
    I just had to say that the House of Mouse vid in your signature made me LOL.
    Hades AND Captain Hook have a thing for Maleficent apparently?
    It's good that you got the information you wanted, but like I said, it's still being discussed and me closing it just because you got your information is a bit unfair as I'm sure others wouldn't mind discussing it regardless of whether you got what you wanted. Sorry :/.
    Hmm, well, I know you got what you wanted, but the discussion seems lively enough (and isn't spamming) that I don't really see any harm in closing it. Unless you have a problem with it being open?
    Désolé Il suffit de penser que son pote le souhaitez! Je pense qu'il est garçon avant seulement!
    Pas grand-chose et était fille avant copain 2? Je ne sais pas sur de l'acier dieu de la guerre?
    Bonjour vieil ami! Comment vous êtes dans ce jour?
    vous acier jouant dieu de la guerre vous n'avez pas? Et vous êtes stock d'acier? ; P
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