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    This man must be stopped

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    that's crazy man

    that's crazy man
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    Should there be a TWEWY rhythm game?

    fair enough and yes i am a psychopath
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    Design a KH boss battle

    Foxy Loxy from chicken little because why the hell not world: Chicken Little setting: the gym, after dodgeball Party member: Chicken little Attacks: Dodgeball throw shriek Dash I know this isn't very thought out, but chicken little wasn't very thought out to begin with, so I think it fits.
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    What's your favorite (or least favorite) Kh game?

    My favorite would have to be BBS or Days As for least favorite, Re:Coded takes that spot easily.
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    Be brutally honest: what is the absolute worst world in the kh franchise?

    I totally forgot about that world... it's horrendous. I love DDD but there are some serious shortcomings
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    Roxas falling off of the station tower in KH2

    exactly man cool as hell scene
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    Roxas falling off of the station tower in KH2

    Can we just talk about that scene for a second? It was cool as hell. I always forget how cool it is.
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    Square Enix reveals NEO: The World Ends With You underperformed

    I love Neo to death but I can't say I'm surprised. :(
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    KH Shower Thoughts

    oh my god thank so you much finally, I can sleep peacefully without troubled dreams of kingdom hearts
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    KH Shower Thoughts

    If only you knew. Sora in smash announcement was one of the happiest days of my life they said it would never happen. They were wrong.
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    KH Shower Thoughts

    WHAT DID SORA'S MOM MAKE FOR DINNER WE WILL NEVER KNOW On a more serious note, who does king mickey rule over? Where are the rest of the royal guard? Are the different worlds literal floating planets connected by space, traversable via gummy ship, or is it more like alternate realities, the...
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    Times that KH actually helped you.

    Kingdom hearts and SE games in general got me through some really dark times. I remember telling myself "Just keep going to KH3 comes out, keep going." Here I am, so I guess it worked :)
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    This man must be stopped

    Woah... mind = blown i'm shaking man this is insane