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    Fanfiction ► Silver Wings 2: 1000 Confessions

    This is really good! I can't wait to hear the rest of it!
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    is com worth it

    It's an obnoxious game...but if you want to understand KHII fully, I would highly suggest it. Or, at least, read a summary of what happens. Or just be lost and confused.
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    Ultima Weapon

    All of these items are easily gained if you take multiple trips around Traverse Town.
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    wut didnt u like about kh2

    I was dissapointed with the music. Most of it was just the same as in regular KH. I wish they were more original.
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    Axel would win. Clearly, he is a better fighter, considering Sora beat Marluxa, but never defeated Axel.
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    Treasures in the Land of Dragons

    Oh thanks! I had the same issue in my game.
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    Ice Cream

    Riku gives Sora ice cream in the game. Do you know how confused I was when that happened? O.o hahaha.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I got Kingdom Hearts II the day it came out...
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    Ice Cream

    Sea salt ice-cream seems like it would be good, it just seems really strange to have something so sweet have um...sea salt in it. XD
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    The Wild.

    Everyone knows that Disney's, "The Wild" is just a clear copy of Dreamwork's, "Madagascar." Do any of you agree? Or, which do you think will end up being better?
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    Ice Cream

    The sea-salt ice cream thing was so random haha, maybe it's just Disney sending subliminal messages into our heads so we go eat their ice-cream. Seriously though...Ansem was like OBSESSIVE over the ice-cream. It was so annoying haha.
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    kh1 was a waste of time everbody!

    Kingdom Hearts I was not a waste of time at all! Now Chain of Memories on the other hand...
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    Do any of you listen to Spoon?

    Spoon is a great band, two of their best albums are called "Kill the Moonlight" and "Gimmie Fiction." They have a great sound, if you like alternative rock. My favortie songs are probably "The way we get by" "I turn my camera on" and "The delicate place." I have both of the albums I mentioned...
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    Create your own card.

    Haha, I love Spyro. He's so cute. Totally the best purple dragon out there...=]
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    Sean Paul.

    WHO DOESNT LOVE SEAN PAUL AND SASHA!?!? They are the greatest. wooo. :)