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  • Just because they both commented and spammed topics pretty often. Shadow Soldier pretty frequently makes useless jokes in the help and support section. Maybe, they really arent that similar
    LoL Thanks for the rep. It's okay though (in reference to your comment). I don't care too much about rep though. If people want to give it to me, they're more than welcome to =p.
    You are overly hostile, and refuse to listen to what other people are saying even when it makes sense. I thought that it was just in the marijuana thread, but I saw the sex thread too, and it's the same bullshit.

    I don't know, maybe you really do see things that way, but it's not really acceptable to anyone else that reads your posts.
    ...fight? It was supposed to be an intelligent debate. On the internet. The fact you took it so seriously is pathetic. Stop contacting me to start bullshit.
    Thanks for being delayed as fuck. It must feel awesome to find an old post and try to make it relevant to being a douche.
    I accepted. And I feel like an idiot, but it won't let me save my RPG stuff. Do you know how to do it? Sorry to bother you again.
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