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  • Shouldn't your location be in Death? :3 "just joking xD, Points at name"

    On that account, what's your favorite book in the series?
    Yeah, I noticed that about witch one, I sent you her picture in a different PM.

    Yeah, Anna coincides with Seth; they're brother and sister.

    How are you doing tonight?

    P.S. Just letting you know that your inbox is full.
    One of them isn't a Kingdom Hearts RP, and that's Tyrant Raver's original RP Harmonia Legends. Although sure, I'm willing to listen to what you have to say.
    lol. I explained in the PM Lunar; and um, well, I read the plot for them and got ideas for them? Mind you all but one (Harmonina, an original) is a Kingdom Hearts rp. *grins sheepishly*
    Great job with the post! :)

    It does match up with it, so don't worry about that, and I'll get to work on a response in a bit. And I'll take that opportunity for that question session, Kit's curiosity is getting the better of her.
    Great job with the entrance post, but I have one tiny question. Don't you think Nick is being a little unreasonable?
    Can understand that, I'm sure it kind of bites that you two have to wait and can't go as fast as you like for others. Kind of makes you wonder why two people can't RP alone in that section. But, like I said I think it's really cool that you two work that fast and possibly faster if you could.

    Agrees thatbp you probably would be if it could be done. I think it would leave errors or something though. Because we choose our words carefully in response to others and whatnot. So it would be difficult to do. Would be impressive if someday we could do that though.

    Anyhow, like I told Lunar. I won't be around much in August, but I'm actually leaving ahead of time. So, I'll talk to you guys later when I come back soon ;D
    I'll say it again, you two work incredibly fast! I'll get right on reading the newest chapter!
    Yeah, just figured that out a moment ago from his posts, lol. Sorry bout that Abs.

    Mind if I ask you why you did decimated them for? x'D
    I'm uh, actually surprised we conversed before. Wow. xD sorry having a moment, so don't mind me.

    Yup, I have. Ah I remember Dratini, but I dont think I ever got Dratini or Dragonite in my childhood days of playing PKMN. That sounds like it has an interesting background story to it though. Mine would have to be, Eevee or Jolteen ;D

    Also what the hell!? x'D totally taken by surprise by the additional two posts!

    1. I didn't complain about my height, so I have no idea why I'm being called a weenie! 2. I'm 5'2 ...sadly I'm gonna end up being the shortest in my family and some of my friends here (most of the guys) are taller than me. 3. I put short in it because I found it amusing the other day and thought it made me more intimating to mess with (totally joking on that part) the stubborn part is true though x'D
    So glad you guys are back :D

    Okay so using your amazing ship, B-fest shall be provided in a meeting room i decided to put inside your ship lol..

    People were on the outside hitting your ship(ik ik...stupid ass people)

    Garfield made took controls over the ships Broadcasting network, so that he may let people know he was bording, well there were stoaways, and things causing chaos...

    Nick got on the Announcements, telling,everyone, either outside the ship or inside, even people who snuck on board when you told everyone in machiekin town, board or die there.

    And now everyone should be on the way to the meeting room, to discuss Garfields motives of wanting to board the ship. :D

    Timmy is still knocked out in the hallway thx to rain... Cause she woke him up from his coma, he started to walk, and well colapsed still not recovered. Did i get everything :?

    Best thing to find out if missing anything is read the posts, i only pped nick a few times.. which was for the announcements.
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