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  • Yeah, pretty much. I just have a lonely life and I think that my life is going anywhere. I feel 'stuck' and I just feel like sometimes I need to do something, but I don't know what. And, I also want a lot of people to come to my funeral that way they can have good memories of me. I'm scared of dying and fading.

    It's sorta like being a real-life Nobody.
    I'm so happy that I found my debit card, but I also feel strangely empty inside. Man, how come in life there's always some void?
    Now THAT face made me crack up, no lie. XD I love the anime portraits, it works better than just animating their faces, it seems...

    Hmm... other PSP games... Besides the obvious BbS, you could try out Dissidia:FF if you like fighting games... also the various FF remakes that've come out for the PSP.. I honestly, don't have many PSP games, so I won't be much of a help to you. ^^;
    It's actually very possible o.o My psychology teacher told me about some kind of experiment that proved that it was possible to get drunk even without alcohol just by being around people who are drunk... it's weird. XD

    Get it if you can, it's loads of fun. :D
    It's rather difficult, but I'm playing on Normal, so i dunno. You just have to keep up with your training and try to go to Tartarus every day...

    The Kings' game is HILARIOUS. My friends and I have decided to play it next time we have a party with a lot of people XDDDDDD minus the getting drunk part. XD
    I haven't actually played it, but my friend and I teamed up to beat it together, since we could only find one copy at the local Gamestop... XD

    But yeah, i love it~ Playing P3P right now :D
    YouTube - Facts about the end of the world, Living In The Last Days, Discussing The Prophecies. 7 / 7 Here's one of Pastor John Hagee's sermons. I haven't listened to a televangelist in a long time. And, you can find a lot of them on TBN, I think.
    Actually, I'm a girl. A televangelist is a television preacher, aka Benny Hinn, John Hagee, T.D. Jakes, Billy Graham, and etc.
    Yeah, well I am come from a Protestant background, mostly Southern Baptist. But, you're right. I should just live my life the way I want. They aren't living it for me. I'm living it for me.
    Yeah, I had my pastors preach against Harry Potter for a long time. I'm still enslaved by my thinking against it. I used to be into it when the first three movies came out. I never bothered to read the books. And, it's ridiculous that people would think that I might go into witchcraft, because of the books. I already question my beliefs already.
    Yeah, I know. But, if you look at the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. That has a witch in it, but that's usually represented as the antagonist and the lion represents Christ, the protagonist. I just hate being a slave to that for a long time.
    How's it going tonight? I am just doing some thinking about Harry Potter. Why do so many people think it's satanic? Maybe I'm just doing so much thinking again.
    Don't know. They just seem the usual Bible-thumping Christians. If something is unusual they feel like they have to correct it.
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