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  • I love humming along to the Mossdeep City theme. Its nice to revisit. Especially Dock and Stern's conversation and the Rydel guy.
    I'm sure youre busy playing the ORAS demo! You say the music is good? I can hardly wait! Glad your code worked out, too!
    Hello Absent, I wanted to come thank you for participating in my music thread. Your choices are all nice. I wanted to come reaffirm that the character themes are by no means excluded. What I meant in my initial post was that they are often the top choices with BBS. Does that make more sense? Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to make sure this was cleared up.
    Hey, I noticed your Friend Safari and X/Y has Diggersby in it (with it's Hidden Ability, of course), and I was wondering if I could add you? I'm looking to use a Scarf Diggersby with Huge Power for competitive mons and you would save me a lot of trading if I could coordinate a time that you could add me and be online at the same time? :p
    Hey, just a heads up, but I added your fc (for that whole friend safari thing, when I ever reach it) if you want, mine's: 4210 4222 7144 The more, the better, right? :) (apparantly I'm a Bug type)
    Absent ? can u do me a favor ? can u catch a vullaby in my friend safari and trade it me ? i really want a vullaby and of course its impossible to access my own :(
    Thx i DID train it myself :D anyway wanna do the trade now ? by the way u will beable to see my level 100's in my party i think .
    ok i just need to get vaporeon to my list and i will say stats if u want :
    Vaporeon Lv 32 ( Male )
    Attack : 57
    Defense : 51
    Sp.Atk : 74
    Sp.Def : 73
    Speed : 51
    Nature : Adamant
    Ability : Water Absorb
    Moves : Aqua ring , Acid Armor , Aurora beam And Bite
    hehe ^^' i do Vaporeon's and Falreon's for fair trades and wonder trades normally . that was my plan when i got like 15 for both in the boxes . i can still do more though so its ok i dont mind giving it u ^_^
    im not much of a breeder but yea i did get alot of different starters through the wonder trades :/ so when u get home do u want to do the trade ? i dont mind which pokemon it will be that u send to me its just my little gift ^_^ hehe
    u on pokemon y yet ? because i was thinking about doing that trade . Vaporeon is at lv 32 at the moment do u want it like that or higher ?
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