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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    :cautious: I really don’t get Disney and Lucasfilm. Star War NEVER performs well in China so I really don’t understand why they can’t commit fully to a LGBT character.
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    Interesting things in the manga and novels

    I really like the novels interpretation of Riku and Sora way more, especially Riku.
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 receives nominations for Best Score/Music and Best RPG at The Game Awards

    Had the awards happened earlier I would have more hope. The dust has settled and some feel conflicted towards 3. We will see who has the bigger fan base that voted.
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    The 1st episode of the new anime premiered today. It gave us Pikachu's origin story and its very sentimental. There's so much great potential for this new series, and it seems like TPC will be uploading the episodes on YouTube after they air.
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Aqua using Rainfell to save Terra and later changing to Stormfall in the next cutscene. It was something as simple as having Aqua summon Stormfall instead. If we know Stormfall is in the 2FM cutscene why even bother showing Rainfell this late in the game? KH 3 has something similar with Terra...
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    If the story of "Kingdom hearts" had an end, how could it be in your opinion?

    I would've had Sora, Riku and Kairi have a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz realization, that nothing beats home. I see them having had their fill of thrills and adventure and quietly retire on their island. No more doors, no more keys, no more separation. I would have the Wayfinders continuing...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    They’re fun games but that’s not a surprise. Pokémon games have always been fun, in fact GF would purposely have to sabotage themselves to make the games boring. They have the golden formula so why change it.
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    Ansem the Wise KHIII Question

    He probably chose not to use the dark power because of the implications and effects it has on the heart. Perhaps when he “sacrificed” himself in 2, he renounced the darkness and the ability to use it. Mickey scolds Lea for using a dark corridor in 3D which implies that people can summon them at...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    Ultimately this experience just reinforced my view that gaming is a luxury, not a right. In this day and age investing 300 to 500 for a console is very big decision, and adding 40 to 80 for games makes that decision harder. I’ve resigned to the fact that I will probably never buy another...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    These have been trying and dark times for the community as a whole. There has never been something so controversial and dividing as these games. Its been an eyeopening experience.
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    While I agree with the underlying idea, you're giving HGSS too much credit for things it didn't do for combat. Diamond and Pearl are the games you're probably referring to. All HGSS did was clean up the user interface with the menu being more useful. Also Gen 4 is heavily criticized for its slow...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    You lost me there. BW and BW2 are amazing and fun games. They don’t need to scrap anything, not even Let’s Go(and I hate those games) what they need to do is improve UPON what they have, not regress.
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    That form is definitely a reference to devastating natural phenomena. The ghost type is proof of that.