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    Did Xehanort get off too lightly?

    I think Eraqus should’ve given him the chair.
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    Your KH headcanon

    This is a macabre one but I think about it a lot. I always like the idea of worlds having “residual hauntings” that activate to certain people and their memories. For example like Riku in CoM, if he went to Radiant Garden and walked the hallways alone he would see phantoms of his past...
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    Did Xehanort get off too lightly?

    With any luck, after 3 whole years I’ll have enough money to afford it!
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    Did Xehanort get off too lightly?

    I just wanted a “death” like the one Ansem got in 1, Marluxia got in CoM and Xemnas in 2. Which boils it down to moaning/groaning in pain while flailing arms as cool effects flutter around, dissipating into nothing. Extra bonus points if they had him reaching towards Kingdom Hearts, or have...
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    What date would you set as the "official" Kingdom Hearts Day and why?

    This. It’s also Sora’s Birthday according to Nomura.
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    Sora and riku have way more romantic chemistry then sora and kairi

    Shounen amirite? Part of it is how unintentionally(most of the time) misogynistic shounen is. When female characters are nothing but tropes and secondary characters, they make the male character bonds look far more intimate and interesting. Both Riku and Sora were allowed to be characters first...
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    Star Wars: This is the way

    A long time ago we had a similar discussion in the SW thread . I proposed to go the Re:Coded route by having Sora and co. finding Jedi and Sith Holocrons across their gummi missions or regular adventure. Like Pooh’s pages, the Holocrons would act as chapters for Sora to traverse the SW...
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    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    Pkmn Day…This could’ve been an email.
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    Film ► Anakin hates sand... (Fun discussion)

    Noted. Probably best you weren’t around back then on online SW forums. It was a cesspool of vitriol.
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    Film ► Anakin hates sand... (Fun discussion)

    The dialogue of the prequels is notoriously atrocious, it’s why it’s memeable. The OT was heavily edited and co written by the stars themselves making fun of George Lucas and his scripts. Carrie Fisher(Leia) edited a lot of the OT scripts.
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    Star Wars: The Thread

    Andor is truly something unlike any other. To be alive to witness this show is truly a pleasure.
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    Politics Out of date title

    Ding dong Chapek is gone.
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    Seth Kearsley reveals Kingdom Hearts Animated Series Pilot Animatic

    He meant that he drew a fusion of the two and called it Soriku, not knowing that the term was a shipping term.
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    Seth Kearsley reveals Kingdom Hearts Animated Series Pilot Animatic

    If I understood his tweets correctly he drew soriku accidentally 20 years ago?