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  • Yeah, I loved this show. It was better than the narrator they got for that later installment on the Travel Channel, who isn't even scary and the graphics are better than the overrated graphics they have for the Most Terrifying Places On Earth, which sounds kinda cliche.
    Yeah, I watched Code Lyoko. I didn't understand the meaning of it, but come on, people go to a video game world and defeat bad guys? I'm watching that, yo!

    Jeez, I'm not sure how they'll top for KH3 secret ending. I mean, KH1 and KH2 had the best endings.

    Yeah, I have them from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Why do you ask?
    Me too on both counts. I watched that show all the time. :)

    Yeah, I remember one time when I finally unlocked the secret ending to KH1, I was like "OMFG, this guy is asking, "where's Sora?" and all those words popped out everywhere then Kingdom Hearts appeared along with that meteor shower shown at D.I. " I was jumping like crazy, lol. I have yet to unlock secret ending part 2 for KH2.. I was busy at the time.

    Yeah, they do. I think one of them is called Level Up, which is very dumb show ever made!! >.<"

    I dunno.. I'm just that person that likes it better to play than watch, lol.

    Yeah, Game Boy Advance. Oh, I see.. I had a huge sets of GBA games from Pokemon to Star Wars to Superheroes like Hulk, Spider-Man and so on until there was NDS then 3DS.
    Me too; Young Justice does really do it justice (pun intented)! It's awesome than those 'reality shows' CN keeps producing.

    Ugh, no I haven't yet.. too busy this week, but I did see the ending. It's not the same if you watch, not play it. So, once I get back to it, I'll be more 'shocked' to see it.

    Um, do you play GBA before?
    I'll try to do it soon. :)

    I liked how Cat-Woman is in that one show, lol. It would be interesting to see a full film in that style.. maybe one day.
    Yep, you should. :)

    I saw Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond. I think that's all I knew of him. And yes, that's the one! I liked how it went.
    Mine doesn't, lol. I like to play easy to get used to the controls then once I get the hang of it, I go for harder levels.

    I guess it's a new thing going on for DC shows?
    Yup. :) Does it matter if it's on easy, normal, hard or critical as long you're learning how to play, right?

    You mean, Beware the Batman? I'm kind of looking forward to it since it's giving off Green Lantern Animated Series art style which I like the most. :)
    yeah, tell me about it. i am stuck listening to him for forty-five to an hour. why'd the travel channel choose him as the narrator? i have no clue.
    Lol, that's funny and interesting! Yeah, I'm awesome now. :) But you can do it.

    Oh, my bad! But I see what you meant. Ehh, I would rather have Chinese Batman TV series like we saw with Catwoman and Bane. Those was awesome!
    Really? I played Kingdom Hearts on my Christmas Morning on 2002.. Man, I was an noob at video game at the time.

    Why not use the voice actor for Young Justice's Virgil Hawkins/Static Shock for that?
    Eh, by the time TT was stopped, I lost interest in them, so I'm not sure about going back to them.
    Same here with the childhood, but Kingdom Hearts was the biggest part of me growing up, lol.

    Yeah, amen to that!

    Yeah, true.. Also, I would have ordered new seasons for Static Shock, lol. He's my favorite.
    I never played Black and White 1 and 2 before.. I lost interested after Diamond, lol.

    Yeah, but somehow we just get back on top.

    Yeah, it seems to be that way with every superheroes shows.. I guess the Networks just don't like stuff like that. We should be the handlers of this stuff since we know what we like and not like like those awful reality shows.
    Lol, yep, pretty much everything I like about it. :)

    Yeah, that's true.. I guess I'm just looking at the dark side of it than the good. I suppose that happens when the economy is down a lot lately.

    True, Young Justice is that show you can count on to watch, huh?
    Oh, yeah, that one! I have seen it in my library in town. You're right, it's pretty neat.

    Yeah, possibly.. it makes me wonder what the point is when everything is falling apart in this country.

    Really? Only $20 just to import some Young Justice DVDs, huh? Well, that's something.
    Pokemon Special? That's something I haven't heard before.

    You really think so? I see it as homework factory, lol.

    Hm, I'll check it out, but I think they're the same thing, different country.
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