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  • Well, her name is Elizabeth and she gets on everybody's nerves. She complains about her mom, yet she loves and worships her mother. And, she always bugs till she gets her way. I actually lost my office chair, because she said it belonged in the conference room and I eventually just freaked until I threw myself out of the chair, so she could have it.
    Psychosocial Rehabilitation. I had to deal with some narcissitic girl at the program that laughed as somebody got into trouble.
    I hate today. I just wish I could stay home alone today after still experiencing two hours in a van waiting to be dropped off.
    Oh, I see. Yeah, it was like that for some games like Tale of Graces F.. I don't hear anything of it except for watching it on YouTube.com.
    Well, here's hoping for it.

    I agree. They should have just put the new stuff in the original; would have made bundles of money anyway since it's a big hit to everybody.
    Really? At least KH 1.5 have it. The controls are different than you usually use for KH1 and KH2. Yeah, it had English voices but Japanese language.

    Me too! I'm tired of them not pushing KH games like Final Mixes to other countries.
    Both. :) I always make sure to own every KH games in the good old U.S.A. Well, that's good news! But will it be in English for Final Mixes?

    I see.. Jeez, I better start saving money for KH2.5 and KH3 ASAP!
    Yeah, it's cool. :) I have pretty much every game of Kingdom Hearts beside Final Mixes of those.

    You ever think we'll get some details on KH3?
    That sounds good. :) I'm actually playing it on Proud Mode which is my first time playing in that mode.
    Yeah, something like that, I would say.

    Have you ever played the KH series in story line order? I am right now, and I'm almost done with Terra's Story.
    Me too. Maybe Noruma will address it at some point, maybe before the release of KH 1.5 HD Collection.
    That's true.. Hm, you could be right; at the time, Ven's light was shining so strong it could have pulled her right to them for safety reasons.
    I think so. She wasn't really asleep like Ven did. I think she was watching everything to the point until she returned back to her body.. And who knows, maybe she remembers the last thing before she lost it and sent to Destiny Islands. Remember, it was Aqua that put that spell on her in case anything bad happened, it would take her to the closest light available: Sora and Riku.
    Yeah, that's fine. :)

    Well, I do hope someone tell us about it at some point.

    Yeah, I so wanted to play Aqua during her time in the Realm of Darkness.. In fact, she could have been the one to help Sora out during KH1 and so on, maybe?
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