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  • It's been on and off as today. It's irritating that I had to wait out in the bus stop just to go home while it was drizzling.
    I'm just enjoying KH1FM.. I still got some trophies to obtain. :/

    Well, the manga did follow some pieces of Kairi's subplot. Of course, back then I didn't know of it until someone told me about it. I was like, O_O Nobody told me?! lol.
    Yeah, right now I am just having a stressful time with my drawing class. I put in a lot of effort, but I always get everything mixed up.
    Yep, especially when you have a test coming up. You don't want to flunk it, so that fear helps you study, so that you can pass the test.
    I think the HD graphics is really getting to us, huh? It's beautiful to see things so bright than normal. :3

    I'm glad you kind of agree with my theory, even it has yet to be proven. Maybe Master Yen Sid was talking about Master Riku teaching Kairi how to use her Key-blade while someone else teaches her how to use her POH powers correctly, like bringing Roxas, Xion, and Namine back to life by giving them real bodies.
    Just give me Ansem anytime of the day and I'll whoop him better. xD

    Or maybe she repressed it inside, so she won't have to deal with it at the time. I mean, you have to think: she was thrown through something from Terranort at the time, but the spell from Aqua saved her and as well, kind of forced her to not to remember it. I'm just giving my theory. But yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing how Kairi will be taking part of the grand finale of the Xehanort Saga.
    So, sounds like when I do beat Vexen, Riku and Larxene is going to be tough cookies. Great. -__-'

    You have to remember, Kairi lost her childhood memories and possibly along with the fact she could wield one. I think, if she wasn't so sick during the storm, who knows, Kairi could be the one helping Sora out. It's interesting.
    Ah.. Which boss battle gave you the hardest? Because of now, Vexen is one hard guy to beat.

    Me too; I honestly think Kairi is going to play a big role, just from seeing D.D.D's secret ending.
    Well, you're lucky. xD I haven't even beat the GBA version of it.

    Probably thanks to BBS, characters can be played other than Sora. :)
    I know what you meant, but I don't think I'll even plat COM. :/

    Well, there is stickers to replace that, but I know what you mean and I do miss it sometimes. :/
    I don't know. I'm not well versed with COM in terms of cards, so I don't know about that.

    Speaking of Rikunort, I think there might be a chance of him appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3 due to seeing him in Monstro. It would be interesting to see Riku face himself, but embracing darkness with Xehanort in control.
    This was fortunately one of the first kind, lol.
    The only annoying thing I found with KH Final Mix HD so far is some of those new Heartless as they are fucking weird to beat. I defeated all the secret bosses except Xemnas already, Sephiroth even without an Elixir, but some of these new Heartless have a high annoyance-factor, especially that Monkey-girl in Traverse, the Black Ballade in Deep Jungle (I hate guessing games) and that new green mushroom. The first time I met that thing I didn't even know what to do with it.
    I was like "WTF do you want me to do, big mushroom?" as he just sits there and dances, lol.

    It's still three chapters I guess, as there are also some parts I haven't yet transformed into chapter style. Soon enough I will have to continue writing or risk a hiatus, *ggg*.
    Depends on if I manage to get myself away from KH HD 1.5 in the few free time I have between work. ^__^
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