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  • Great, had some vacation and KH HD 1.5. ;)
    Nah, it's ok, I wasn't even on for over a week myself, lol.

    Glad you like the continuation, I still have some written chapters in reserve so there can be some more releases despite me not being able to write further yet due to me spending half of my vacation not at home and the other half playing KH 1.5. ;)
    Yep, yep.

    I think it's amazing thus far.. The only complaint I can think of is the wonky camera. :/ No, I haven't yet.. I'm taking my sweet time with it. :3 I'm making my way to Neverland after I try to beat the second Cup in the time limit..
    Oh, I see.

    I think I'm kinda sick of Pokemon right now after the last few games or so. I might get back into it when I'm feeling like it.

    Probably the new 52's. I know you said the Catwoman isn't the same as the previous, but you got to remember, some old has to come to the new at some point.
    Ah, dang it.. Now I have to go play catch up with the three episodes.. Do they provide CC online or not?

    I haven't yet.. I'm waiting for the third volume to come out; that way I can have all three in my hands. :)
    Next month is Legend of Korra: Book 2: Spirits! :D I'm looking forward to it! O_O That means I got to re-watch Avatar: The Last Air-bender and Legend of Korra: Book 1: Air.. I better get started Friday (More time on the weekend to get all caught up)!
    Hey there, how is it going?
    I'm just popping by to say that I'm preparing the next chapter for upload later this evening. So if you haven't yet read the current one you might have two to read in a few hours. ;D
    I think we might have to rely on our childhood shows on DVDs and Blu-Rays now to enjoy cartoons.

    Otherwise, I'm starting to think good stuff to make is hard to do for TV.
    Hmm, okay, I'll try to check it out.

    When I was little, yeah, but now, not really. I guess I moved on, seeing it is now for kids and children.
    It's still with Rocksteady; they're providing help.

    I would love to see a full featured film in CGI of Catwoman. :3 She's my favorite and I'm going to try to pick up comics of her, probably the New 52, if possible.
    Batman Arkham series won Game of the Year twice in a row.. I can feel third time is the charm for them!

    Hey, don't you think it's high time that DC made full-featured film in Computer animation like Arkham City and Arkham Origins? That would be so beautiful and epic at the same time.
    You mean Game of the Year edition? I'm waiting for that, too. But it doesn't bother me to see the play-through of it to kinda follow the story.
    Oh, I see.. Well, the Physical Challenges is actually the last thing to complete the Ridder's game in the story mode.
    I'm sure you do. :) I guess I don't like going any higher than Proud on Kingdom Hearts series.

    Oh, did you complete the Physical Challenges in Arkham City?
    In Harley Quinn's Revenge?

    I don't think I did.. I play on Beginners to get used to the controls and mainly for the story, but do Proud for a challenge.
    How far were you the last time?

    Lol, that's because Kingdom Hearts never burns you out.. Each game brings something so refreshing, so it doesn't really burns out.
    Batman Arkham City videos.. I'm trying to find the last 3 Tyger cam-reorders to complete it, but no luck so Youtube it is! :D

    Ah, I played it since like 2008 to well, lol, last year until Desmond saved the world. xD
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