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  • Oh, just finishing up lunch and watching Batman videos.

    Oh, I feel iffy about it since well, I think it has to do with me being burned out after playing it year after year and I just feel I need a break, but want to keep going, you know?
    I think it feels different, but it can be a good or bad thing.. We don't know until the game is out and in our hands, so. Beside, I think we should have stuck with Desmond for one more game.
    I'm doing good, thank you.

    Eh, I feel iffy on it, but I need more info for sure before I decide to buy it or not.
    Hey, Adrian. :) How are you doing?

    We finally got more information on the Present Day in Black Flags and there's some pictures of it: New Screens Show Off The Present Day World - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - PlayStation 4 - www.GameInformer.com

    It's so glorious!! :D Obviously, it won't be combat to combat, but it shows just enough to get involved. But there is some sad news on Desmond. D:
    Who knows? Maybe the opening to AC IV: BF will start off recapping the Desmond Miles Saga and pick it off directly after the Solar Flair ended.

    Very easy, but whatever the name is, I'm still going to watch it anyway. :)
    Me too. Although Edward Kenway might have something to do with it that would either help or hinder the Modern Assassins/ Templars.

    I think for the new sequel of Man of Steel, it would be titled: Batman/Superman: World's Finest. That's what I think anyway.
    I agree; Juno seems to be more important to focus on now than the Templars, wouldn't you think?
    I guess they're keeping it hush hush until the right time, I suppose. So far, we, the player, are the main character for the storyline and we're working at Abstergo to do some research on the memories of either Desmond's or Willaim's memories to find something, I think.
    Lol, well, try to get a Tales game; Who knows, you might enjoy it.

    I'm not sure.. I think I'm kinda burned out from it. But I might be interested if they would show some video of the Modern Day storyline; that's the only reason I play because it's interesting to see the past shape the present.
    Yeah, I'm into the Tales series.. I think I like Tales of Graces; the characters really get me into it. I like Asbel for so many reasons, but I think it is because he does what Sora does: Help people out and he manages to save one or two people and also holds the person's heart inside him until it is better.
    Yep, I did finally! :D No more storms for now. :)

    I think today is the Justice League: Flash Point movie..

    I know the feeling; I have been there, done that. But it's worth it to finish school stuff then finally it's fun time with the games. :3 I'm actually thinking about buying Tales of Xilla, but Kingdom Hearts 1.5 is on the way... decisions, decisions! D:
    Probably not! xD

    I haven't seen much of the animated movies of DC.. Same thing with Marvel.

    It'll be a while, though; like two months to go.
    Nah, it stopped for now.. I have a feeling it's going to start again tonight. xD

    I think they're using the new 52's for the movies. I don't know enough about the old or new comics of DC, but movies is enough for me. :)

    It won't be, just it will be interesting for me to see the new stuff in Book 2: Spirits.
    Yeah, it has been storming for the past few days now. Hah, yeah.. Pretty much so. :)

    I get you; I think Marvel got it going right now and DC is kinda of learning, so to speak. As for the studio, probably the same people with Man of Steel.

    I hope so, too! I have read that people don't kinda like the new art for the show.. that is kinda uneasy to me. I suppose I'll have to wait for it to come out to see the art of it.
    Thunderstorm in Arkansas. It's tough to fall asleep when I can feel the booms from lighting, thundering hitting the ground. I told you that I was deaf, so my normal senses are amplified and I can feel vibration from any direction like Toph Beifong from Avatar: The Last Airbender TV series. :)

    Oh, those announcements.. I thought it might be something new since I don't keep up with SDCC. I'm kinda looking forward to World's Finest than Avengers: Age of Ultron right now. :D
    On the new Korra Trailer, I don't want to spoil myself so I'll wait for the premire of it.
    Oh, I see.. I haven't reach that ahead yet.

    I'm not sure.. I haven't watch much of Cartoon Network lately.
    Huh... That's news to me. I'll check it out once I got far ahead.

    I agree; it looks brilliantly!
    Oh, you mean the Data version of Castle Oblivion near the ending where you face Data-Roxas..

    Yeah, it would have been interesting.. I laughed outloud at the episode of Cat-woman. xD
    You refer to Agrabah, where one of the sectors are extremely hard. I tried that and I lost badly. D:

    Oh, I really loved the Batman in China.. That would be perfect for a series! I mean, it's a take of Batman: China Style!
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