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  • The bug things? o_O You mean, the secret sectors or..?

    I agree with the Teen Titans Go.. that should disappear. it's disgraceful to the original Teen Titans!
    Ah, okay. I completed the 15th layers, so I guess I have 50 to go.. More work for me to do! D:

    I suppose I could give it a try, but I know myself better.. xD
    Cool. :)

    How do you get all of the Olympus Colisseum stuff? Do you do the secret doors or go through the story over again, but with like 15, 50 layers? I forget.

    No, I haven't.. I was on vacation and I missed it. I'm not sure to watch it or not since Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series are gone; if they had stayed there along the first episode of Beware of the Batman, I'll watch it. But alas, it's not meant to be.
    Yeah, it does. :)

    Eh, I'm not big on fruit juices.

    Oh, I guess I'm one of those people to play games for the story then get stuff later on. xD
    Glad you agree about Rould/Luxord idea. :)

    Me either. I don't drink anything like that; Just pop, milk and water.

    This is really going to be tedious, huh? How far did it take for you to reach the Secret Ending for all games?
    I think Luxord may be Rould.. That's just my guess for him. For the others, who knows? I think my gut feeling says we'll see them in some form or other in Kingdom Hearts 3. Do you think you could figure out? xD

    Red Bull drinks.. you know the drink that can keep people up all hours? They could had that to stay up all night to keep their spot.

    Yep. :) Right now, I'm playing Re:Coded for fun.. I forgot everything about it and I had to play around to remember it. I don't think I could ever get the trophies to get the Secret Ending. :/
    lol That was amusing and while I don't think Jafar fits perfectly in the James spot, I do think the video was edited very well.
    Me too. :) I'm not sure what her human name is. O_O or the others for that fact.

    Probably used too much red bull drinks. xD

    Yep, I'm talking all of them.. it's going to be tough on me! D: But I can do it, I can do it!! :D
    Yeah, they do.. they're just right, you know? xD

    How can these people survive? O_O I think there's a little respect for them to do that from me.

    Eh, not much; Though, I try to get back to gaming from time to time. I'm still playing D.D.D.. I like to level myself up since the final bosses are going to be hard.
    SoraxKairi, RoxasxNamine, RikuxXion, AxelxLarxene.. I can't remember the rest, but that's who I ship, lol.

    I don't think I could handle that long, lol..

    That's good..
    Lol, it's okay to ship them.. I have a few ships.

    D: that's many hours to wait.. Hope it goes faster for them soon.

    I could, but I choose not to, lol.

    Yep, it still need to be completed. I guess those two would work as well. I liked them as fairies.. it was a unique twist to them, lol.

    Did they? O_O I don't really keep up, lol.. They say this then other say no, it's that.. Make your mind up, fellas! xD

    Really? I haven't played FF7, so I don't know well enough.. PS2 was my first console to use and Kingdom Hearts was my first, so.
    Actually, Deaf people are really in the smallest part of the demographic; they just don't want to admit it that way, you know? I suppose it's the Language barrier between Deaf and Hearing among some other things that we don't quite talk about it. It's hard on us, but we manage just fine; just some little helpful would be fine.

    Probably more of Sephiroth and Cloud battles.. We know Leon and others will be there for sure since they're the supporting members for Sora and Co. I would enjoy maybe Lighting and the rest. :) Maybe the Gull-wings from Kingdom Hearts 2?

    They said it would be in Spring.. Spring is gone. So, I don't know.. hopefully, in the fall. :/ Until then, it's a waiting game.
    Me too. I found out about it through a deaf friend of mine down in Little Rock.

    I wouldn't mind it either.

    Tomorrow is a full day of Avatar: The Last Air-bender and Legend of Korra. :) I want to be all caught up before Book 2 is out sometime.
    Pretty much shopped, ate food, swam at the hotel.. that usual stuff families does each year for summer vacation.

    No, they don't, but there is new technology with a special glasses that can give off CC during the movie. It's only available in few cities like Little Rock, etc.. but pretty soon in a few years, it'll be open to every theater. Until then, yeah, pretty much wait for the Blu-Ray. :/ It's rough, but I can handle it.

    I always wondered what happened to KH Zack after the events of BBS.. Hope we get some touch with him in KH3. Really, Sephiorth was a good guy before he became bad? That's new to me! :O
    Thanks! :)

    Well, there wasn't no CC for me so I will get the Blu-Ray of it once it comes out to the stores. That way, I can finally understand them and I can get into the character better. Side note: it was pretty awesome to see Christoper Meloni from Law and Order: SVU to take part of this movie. :) Big fan of him. He was best known as Elliot Stabler from L&O: SVU.

    Good for ya! :D So, you like Zack and Sephiorth more, huh?
    I'm back from my vacation now. :) It was pretty good.

    I did enjoy Man of Steel and the fight scenes were pretty epic, to be honest. I'm looking forward to what DC can make now in term of films. Sadly, no I didn't; I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, just a Star Wars fan since it's what I grew up with.
    It was announced a while ago, but the release date of it is Feb. 14th, 2014. That's long wait for me. :/

    I haven't done much on the secret bosses lately.. That'll change once KH 1.5 Collection come out.


    Speaking of movies, I'll be able to finally watch Man of Steel tomorrow.
    I'm saving up for PS4, so yeah. I'm waiting for Infamous: Second Son too.

    Did you have any problems with the other secret bosses?

    Yeah, I checked Comixology and it's pretty impressive, but I'm more of a print guy.

    It'll be pretty epic, judging from his past movies. :3
    Ah, I gotcha.

    xD it will be sweet justice!

    Yeah, they shouldn't need to raise the prices.. But that's how business works.

    Oh, he's sure getting too popular lately.. not that's a bad thing, just getting fame faster than normal is all I'm saying.
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