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Recent content by AdrianXXII

  1. AdrianXXII

    What happened this year that made you feel old as heck?

    I just made the same realization yesterday. I always thought there was more time between my Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts obsessions, but nope seems it was just 5 years and that was 20 years ago.
  2. AdrianXXII

    Cartoon/TV ► disney+

    Oh that'd be cool. Would also be nice if they had lesser known characters like Daisy's nieces or Della appear in said reboot/sequel.
  3. AdrianXXII

    original org 13

    They were probably also doing recon gathering information on the various worlds. While also doing research on how to create replicas and other insights on the heart. I could also see them doing what Xaldin did in the Beast's castle, trying to create powerful lesser Nobodies for their...
  4. AdrianXXII

    Cartoon/TV ► disney+

    Strange, both show are available here in Switzerland.
  5. AdrianXXII

    Canonical Order For World Visits?

    I don't think so. Though I guess in theory you could use the books and manga's order as the chronological one, though not all worlds appear in them.
  6. AdrianXXII

    Cartoon/TV ► disney+

    But Tron isn't. I'm in Europe and can watch it.
  7. AdrianXXII

    Cartoon/TV ► disney+

    American exclusivity? The service is available in a lot of countries and is only bound to reach more as time goes on. So if you're country doesn't have it yet it probably will in the coming year(s).
  8. AdrianXXII

    Kingdom Hearts Series PC Modding Thread

    This would have been really great. Could have been part of Kairi's restoration, that she had to go on a journey through her past, while Sora was gathering her heart pieces.
  9. AdrianXXII

    Cartoon/TV ► disney+

    You mean Tron: Uprising? Yeah, it and the Tron movies are available on the service. The show is well made, but ends on a major cliffhanger.
  10. AdrianXXII

    Hello there!

    Welcome to the Forum. Hope you enjoy theorizing and discussing the series with us.
  11. AdrianXXII

    Cartoon/TV ► disney+

    I actually recently figured "Hey I have Disney+ might as well finally check out Motorcity" only to find it wasn't on there. At least they have the other shafted show from that time Tron: Uprising. I don't know what it is with Disney and canceling shows that are good. Sadly they're still pulling...
  12. AdrianXXII

    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    Maybe a bit. But, regardless, I honestly feel that the chances of there being a series are pretty high with it being the 20th anniversary soon and Disney wanting as much content as possible for Disney+. Though I feel it would also really depend on, if Nomura is game for there being a series...
  13. AdrianXXII

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Fair enough. Experiences can vary. Even just depending on the phase of life you're in. I remember rather enjoying the coliseum part of the game, but who knows how I'd enjoy it now, it's been years since I last played Re:Coded. Though I remember enjoying it and seeing it as an alternative path...
  14. AdrianXXII

    lauriam,elrena and skuld

    I assume Luxu or someone from Scala that read the book was somewhere near where they appeared, but didnt engadge with them so they'd go down the path that would turn them into Nobodies. Considering Enchanted Dominion fell soon after the events of BBS i assume Elrena ended up in that world...
  15. AdrianXXII

    lauriam,elrena and skuld

    There's also the possibility that they lost their memories like Ven and Subject X seemed to have. It's also strongly hinted that Skuld is Subject X that was mentioned repeatedly in KH3 and it's reports.