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  • So it goes, it's not like I was ever one of the 'popular' members/ moderators. So I'm alright with no standing out here either, I only made the thread so the few people that cared wouldn't be confused by my absence.

    And look on the bright side, the shitty conformity thread gave you an excuse to make an actually amusing thread, rather than the drivel that's around these days. Is that just me, or has this site really taken a turn for the worse in the last six months or so?
    That was honestly one of the most awesome things anyone has ever said about me, thank you.
    Unfortunately v.v but I can always get a ROM of it, and 2 wasn't that bad actually.
    Was the revulsion directed towards my lack of sleep, the terrible emotes, or both?
    Amusingly, I spent the first half of the novel horribly sleep deprived, and thought that I actually wrote it via some sort of thought-to-text transcriber.


    Also, the new emoticons are pretty horrid.
    Someone understands me, finally.

    Taken from the line 'I AM THE ACE AND FAYE IS THE RED QUEEN' That entire passage was the best part of the novel, I think.
    Yesh. Work.

    oo, sounds fun. dang I need to learn to drive >< just don't have the time.....
    And who's fault is that?

    ....ok, maybe mine. ^.^ I'm swamped w/ work nowadays, but at least I've stopped procrastinating...sumwat.

    how r u my dear?
    you just reminded me that i needed to post in TWEWY
    :D! how now brown cow?
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