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  • You started a new job? =O Finally, lol. What kind of job is it, and do you like it better than your previous one?

    Thanks :3 You'll definitely see me around once my break starts!
    Hi Dan! Yeah it has indeed been awhile :3 How have you been? How was your trip to South America?

    As for me, I've been good and things are going well. I'm in the middle of exam week, and after that my long break starts ;3
    I'm glad you seem to be doing so well =) New York and South America, huh? I'm sure you'll enjoy your trips! Take a break from work, since you still seem to be working too much xD

    Lol, don't worry. Being busy is not a bad thing, it's actually better for me that I don't have so much free time like I used to have.

    Whoah I haven't heard from you for awhile O_O;; I'm doing fine of course!! Yourself? Things are pretty good. Can't complain. :-D Just a bit busy.
    ~ HEYYY! azure, here. just stoppin' by your page to ask WHEN THE HECK YOU'RE COMIN' BACK!! GAAAW! YOU HAVEN'T BEEN HERE IN FOREVER, MAN! YOU MISSED MY 20TH BIRTHDAY!! yeah, dat's right. the big two-oh. *sighs* come back. :cry:
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