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  • Underactive. So it's pretty bad. xD
    Keep eating healthy and I'm sure you'll be fine. I worry a lot too, but I try not to because if I do, I'll break.

    Eh... it's like. which one is the best team for football? No one can agree because everyone has different opinions.

    True that.
    Yeah, but when things like that come into play, I get too... obsessed. The problem with me isn't that I eat too much, I noticed. It's that I have my Thyroid problem. My doctor even confirmed it to me after I told him about the calorie thing, he just said that I eat right, but it's my thyroid that is out of whack and I just have to take medications and exercise.
    Oh, kudos to you! I can't even do those things. I end up counting every calorie and it gets too much where I just say, "fuck this." and then forget to count the calorie or w.e.

    Sounds good! How are you at the game? Where are you in it?

    I wish I could play it! But mine isn't coming until the 16th because I ordered it through ground shipping. But I can't wait! :3 My niece and nephew want to play it as much as I want to! :3
    Ugh! I'm actually getting really pissde at the Final Fantasy "fans" who like to troll Kingdom Hearts related pages on the web! Looking at a trailer on youtube, and out of nowhere "a Cheap Man's Final Fantasy". That's just the latest instance. I <3 Final Fantasy, but no franchise should ever have those types.
    Ueah, got it in the mail today. Next up, Fantasia!

    Also impressive that the Blu-ray keeps as many of the extras as it does. Disney has been problematic about that lately.
    Yeah, I've rented lots of dvds that crapped out on me. Thank gid I don't have to rent any of the Simpsons any more! This is one reason I choose blu; scratch protection makes for fewer problems.

    Also, I definitely know of lots of high quality streams and downloads, but even at 8gb a movie shows compression issues in HD, not to mention 2 ch sound. Netflix gives full 5.1 and I got a nice system I like to take advantage of. One that supports lossless audio for Blu ray.

    Now I'm just braggin' xD But I wirked and saved up a lot for this setup.

    And lol. I have a sister who doesn't even want to be in a lasting relationship.

    The commentary track for "Straight On till Morning" is really good. The actor who plays hook makes some decent observations.
    I rent a lot of movies... but some are just crappy. I don't trust anything tech... that's why I don't store my stuff in my computer that are super important, other things, I'm fine, but important things... nope! They are actually pretty HQ, if you know where to look.

    I have a brother who doesn't know how to keep it in his pants... >_>

    I think I heard of Once Upon a Time... I <3 Hook! :3
    Awesome! I usually don't buy the movies, since I still have the VHS versions of them, but having some in DVD makes me happy. I sometimes watch them online, just connect my laptop to my tv and just watch it with the kids...
    Oooh, I love Wreck-it-Ralph! One of my favorite movies now! Watch Tarzan next, I was watching this with my niece and nephew and they loved it.
    ah. it happens sometimes. I get posts like that too.

    yum.... I went to the beach today.

    It happens sometimes, people just want to ask something and they forgot it was asked before or they just don't care.
    Yeah, you got it worselol I've gone through some bosses, most of which were quite nice. Some of my coworkers liked to act superior, though.
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