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  • How is your library weird?

    No it wasn't and of course I had to look over at the worst part of the movie also when I came down stairs the next day(Dad hadn't finished watching it the other day) the played a flashback to that exact scene so that was just great >_< I always seen to come down stairs just when something horrible, depressing or weird is on the TV screen or worse the Emmerdale music just begins... I hate that music with a burning passion. XD

    Dragon Age 2 is a game ;D Just look at these trailers

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    I saw 'I Am Number Four'. It wasn't that good really, way too much romance and meh. I've seen some way better movies lately like 'The King's Speech' and finally after ages I saw 'Inception' (Seriously how long did it take for me to finally watch it) I also watched 'How to Train your Dragon' for the 100th time in my college library today. :D The librarians are nice there they don't care if you mess around on the computers there. :p

    Oh, I've been on the Tokyo toys website (Its advertised enough in the Neo magazine) But I don't think I've been the actual shop >_<. I can't remember the name of the shop all I know is I looked at the price and knew I wasn't buying anything from this shop. XD
    LONG LIVE THE DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Horror movies are evil.... and my dad was watching one and I just had to look over to the TV to see some girls face be ripped off by some kind of evil spirit. T_T

    I got Dragon Age 2 ;W; I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! My character called Hawke is in romance with this male mage called Anders ;W; I love it!!!! True Wuv!!!

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    Aww *Hugs tightly*

    Yay I went to the O2 today to see a movie. ^_^ I got a really big hotdog and a large coke... too much coke and it went flat after alittle while. :C I still have half of the coke left here and its over an hour since I saw the film... I will finish it one day. XD

    What kind of historian thing?
    Was the anime shop really good, I know one somewhere around central London, but its so expensive. ;_;

    R.I.P DS T_T
    Kairi will one day be hit in the face as long as Riku isn't there to shield her. >:C He shouldn't bother to begin with, just shield your love Sora, Riku. :3

    I've only seen little bits of Saw and don't want to see a whole movie, like I said I have a fragile mind when it comes to hooror films.

    It will never end from me. :3


    This reply would be longer, but I'm really tired right now. :P
    Was it a long video and didn't you get on trouble from the teacher? XD
    Just learn how to say 'I do not understand, I am english' you should be fine then. XD
    I wonder if there are any Anime shops near where I live... probably not... I'll just have to keep getting everything through the internet.
    Oh did you find your DS charger?

    ....that wasn't a woman.... it was a man...

    I want a umbrella of dooooooom >:D or the keys to the evil mobil

    More randomness from me... and quite a bit of Kairi hate. XD


    lol, its 2:45am right now. :P Not as late as yesterday... we will see how long I stay up til tonight.
    Well I'm guessing it was kinda interesting.
    How would you even pronounce that word??? XD XD

    It was cute, but when magic school bus came on I just LOLed.
    I have so much randomness. XD XD


    I just completely didn't expect it and my volume was set pretty high at the time. XD

    It 5:52 am right now O_o.... I am tired. ;_;
    Indeed lol.What don't you like about her? You didn't say when you joined the critic's club.

    I agree! Saix is just great! I love his voice actor to. Kirk Thornton just made Saix. Indeed lol Isa and Lea were pretty cute in BBS.
    A lot of people have the theory that both were experimented on by Ansem's apprentices, and that's what turned them into nobodies. :(

    Well since you're only in Nautilus with Sazh and Vanille then I can't say which cutscenes I liked after that point without spoiling you;) However, there are a lot of good ones coming up. Two that are in FMV are especially note-worthy.

    The cutscenes I liked up to the point you are now would be:

    -Light jumping off that building in chapter one. It was so graceful.
    -Pretty much any scene with Vanille and Hope is pretty cute.
    -The party getting turned into I'cie. The music was so creepy in the scene.
    -Light summoning Odin by accident when she was yelling at Hope. Then pretty much any scene between them after that are heartwarming and it makes for some good character development. Especially for Light.
    -The whole 'do not cross this line' scene between Sazh and Vanille was funny and cute.
    -When Snow met Fang for the first time. She was just so pretty in that scene lol.
    -When Snow(and Fang) rescued Light and Hope when they were surrounded.
    -Hope confronting Snow was also a great scene. The music playing was so sad. Snow can be annoying,but he's a good person. He carried Hope on his back even when Hope, minutes before, was trying to kill him.
    -The scenes at Hope's house. A shirtless Snow is of particular note.*cough lol* Also seeing Light humbling herself by apologizing to him was a nice and good depth giving scene.
    -Then at Nautilus the fmv show Sazh and Vanille watched was pretty. Also the sad scene between them that comes later is just one of the best scenes in the game to me.The music was sad to.
    Lol, I accidentally sent this post to myself!

    Favorite villain female is Larx. Her personality is entertaining as hell.

    As for the female protagonists in no particular order:

    Aqua- a graceful badass. She needs some heavy work were depth is concerned though. As does everyone in BBS.
    I'm in her fanclub,but if someone were to make a critic club for her I would join it as well.

    Xion- she has emotional depth. I'm a critic of her as well though.

    The rest as you said are annoying/boring among other things.

    For the org:

    Saix- I just love his character. Both in KH2 and Days. He' s just such a snarky jerkass. I love it. His human self Isa was adorable and snarky to. Also when he was begging KH for his heart was just so sad to me.

    Larx of course.

    Vexen- is completely insane, and I adore him for it.

    Marluxia- just an all out badass. From his dialogue to just everything. Pink hair? Who cares he makes it work lol.

    I do like Xig,but I like his human self Braig a little better.

    I pretty much can at least find one thing I like in all of them,but these are my favorites.

    So do you just want to punch Snow sometimes lol. I mean he just goes on a tangent with Sereh! Protect Cocoon! Hero!

    What has been your favorite cutscene so far in FF13?
    You just have to know what sites aren't blocked, its good if you have friends from other countries as they usually know sites which aern't blocked.
    Suicide...???? Yes I would question whether you are doing R.E or not. XD Lazy girls are good. What is Finnish even like?... where do they even speak Finnish? XD

    It is a nice movie and I liked no face... when he wasn't eating everyone... XD

    You should try playing it again, the sequels do improve on the first alot. I like the dummy alot. XD

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Since you mentioned just two so will I lol. Roxas and Riku are two of my favorites.

    Who are your favorites out for the female cast?

    Who are your favorite org members besides the two popular ones Axel and Roxas?

    Ah, you're in Nautilus. Get ready for a sad scene with Sazh and Vanille. :(
    My double ICT wasn't so bad, I'm good with computers and most people didn't really do work just mess around when the teacher wasn't looking. We did R.E during year 10, but it was dropped for the whole year in year 11 unless you wanted to come after school and learn it... some people actually did... my best friend included. o_O. Weirdos. We had to keep P.S.H.E though which was completely torture and P.E. that is just evil... I'm physically challenged... and just can't do sports although it wasn't so bad when we got to to badminton. Me not a sporty girl, Me a lazy girl. XD. My sister can speak Spanish really well and she just started studying Japanese and promised to teach me some so some languages are ok. : )

    He was such a great teacher. >_< He let us watch movies like spirited away and anime stuff. Yeah she got pretty annoyed with me most of the time, but I managed to distract her most of the time. XD. Bascially the laptops take forever to start up, then you have to wait for the internet page to load, then you have to get your E-mail up and watch the laptop freeze around 20 times, once you have finished your e-mail you must then watch it freeze again 10 times and finish sending it... its just a nightmare really. XD.

    !!! Assassin's Creed is in no way boring, if I had to describe the series in one phrase it would be 'Mind f**k' after the last truth video and ending of Brother Hood and you have no idea how much fun I have messing with the guards in the first game. XD We also get Malik/Altair <3 <3 XD

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Nooo lol I meant your favorites characters in KH not your favorite games ;) Well since you did it I'll do it to. :) Mine are Days( for the character development and the writing), Re:com( the writing/ depth), and Kh2.It had some good dialogue sometimes,a great opening, we were introduced to Roxas who I like, and the trio finally went home. It did have definite problems,but what was there I liked.

    What part of FF13 are you up to?

    Yea, Vanille is annoying,but she was rather endearing to me at the same time lol.
    Ah, you like Final Fantasy 13! People talk bad about it sooo much, and while I agree it wasn't as executed as good as it could have been I liked what was there. I came out caring about and liking the whole party. Even Vanille and Snow lol.
    Who are your favorite characters in FF13? Mine are Light,Sazh, Hope and Fang.

    Also since this is a KH forum lol who are your favorites from the series?
    Yeah, broke up today. :p Oh, you have a younger sister? I bet she gets on your nerves alot, it is a rule for us younger sisters to annoy our older sisters and its just really fun to do. >:D Although I mostly annoyed my sister, because when I asked her to play with me, everytime she said no.

    You actually fall asleep. XD I'm the quite one so I can get away with not paying attention as teachers don't ask you questions. :p What other subjects did you choose? I chose Geography, Double ICT and Statistics and dropped french.... I thank whatever power there is for that. XD I an not good with languages, I took 3 years of French and all I knew how to say was what my name is and where I come from.

    Well I might had enyoyed my Science class if I had a better teacher, I had my best one before he moved to Japan.... so not fair and then I got a load of rubish ones except one which I alos got for only one year. Plus, she was one of those teachers who you gave your course work to and then you hear nothing about for ages and 2 weeks before we are meant to give it in for the exam board, she gives it back to us saying we have a lot to improve on it. XC *HUGS* Thank you. :D Well I know my best friend revises alot.... seriously she is so work focused its kinda creepy. It is my job to basically distract her as much as possible. XD

    I usually stay up til 5:00am then wake up between 12:00 - 2:00pm. XD My Biology laptops aren't fun though, they take 10 minutes to start up and just trying to send an E-mail can take 40 minutes. XD There is something really wrong with them. Oh Well.

    I'm not sure a KH movie would go very well, consider the time restraints only 1 and a half hours to tel a story so you would miss out on most of the disney or have to rush everything out, plus it probably wouldn't be out in cinermas, I would still buy it though. XD
    I have MSN, but not Twitter or Facebook... The reason I don't have Facebook is because my friends kept pressuring me to get one and I can be pretty stubborn so I'm not getting one.XD Plus I probably wouldn't use it.... although the facebook only Assassin's Creed game did tempt me.XD *Glomps Back*
    Who ever comes back into school are just crazy in my book. XD We got 1 day off last time it snowed, but I managed to get my parents to give me 3 days off.XD

    Hmm if you didn't do anything,don't feel guilty and don't act like their slave. If they are your friends they should of trusted you when you said you didn't say anything about them, but teenage girls are a little stupid and air headed at times and annoying(I'm guessing they are girls XD).... I'm a teenage girl.... I believe I just insulted myself XD.

    I stopped music after year 9, but the lessons weren't so bad, because no one actually worked in the lesson just ran around messing about. Yep I used to find myself daydreaming through most of my lessons, esecially science god those lessons were always so long and boring. I still managed to get two B's at the end of it somehow. :p I'm not very smart though and I don't revise. XD Thats it I am offically jealous of you. >:C We had to get there at 8:50 and we got off at 3:10 on all days.... but now I get to wake up late except for one day and leave early, except for 2 days. :D Which reminds me half-term after tomorrow and I only have one lesson on fridays and its at 2:30pm so Yay!. *Happy Dance*

    Back in Secondary school it was probably Maths or Statistics.... mostly because I completely Statistics in year 10 so every lesson on the laptops for fun. Now I only do 3 subjects which are Human Biology, Computing and Economics... so I would pick Human Biology I have it the least and the teacher is really fun. We also get to leave early when she loses her voice, which is quite often. :p

    Anyone who has seen the movie wants one. <3 <3
    Are there any other movies you want to see?
    Er you are lucky for it to be in March... didn't happen to me T_T we just got off in June... stupid school, never having snow days or anything. >:C

    Hmm it must be strange, but I must admit I have never had a falling out with a friend before except once(and I still don't know what that one incident was even about, but we made up a week later... for whatever I did. ??? :3) What lesson is it?
    We saw the new version I believe... man Romeo and Juliet were pretty stupid, huh? XD
    I didn't have to, but my teacher said the years under us would have to, because the board changed the way they were doing the exams. What board are you doing? AQA, OCR or something else.
    OH and when does your school open and close? I want to compare to my old one. :D

    Its not good when you do so many lessons of it. :p
    What is your favourite subject?

    The fan art....

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    When do your months leave start? Its nice to be away from some people definalty, but unfortuantly two of the people I really don't like goes to the same college as me and I keep seeing them and I miss a few of my friends, they went to different ones than me... but I've made a lot of great friends as weel so its ok I suppose. : )

    I got to go see Much Ado About Nothing at the globe when I was in year 10 I can't remember. :D It was fun. Ah that reminds me when we were studying Romeo and Juliet one of my friends started calling me Juliet because apperently I looked like the character in the movie... I never saw the resemblance. Oh well I'm sure you did well on your exam ^_^ In one of your exams are you gonna have a completely new poem that you haven't studied and are going to have to write about?
    I think I can at least appreciate Shakespeare's poems as they are better than the modern ones and cultural ones, I must admit I did like his sonnet 130 it was very sweet in a strange way lol. Its weird alot of people liked Havisham in my class.... it was suppose to make you feel sorry for the character, but I didn't, this character was training a little girl to grow up and break mens hearts, just because she was left at the altar. Plus we did it so much I couldn't stand it. :p

    Beloved sweetheart bastard. Not a day since then
    I haven’t wished him dead. Prayed for it
    so hard I’ve dark green pebbles for eyes,
    ropes on the back of my hands I could strangle with.

    Spinster. I stink and remember. Whole days
    in bed cawing Nooooo at the wall; the dress
    yellowing, trembling if I open the wardrobe;
    the slewed mirror, full-length, her, myself, who did this

    to me? Puce curses that are sounds not words.
    Some nights better, the lost body over me,
    my fluent tongue in its mouth in its ear
    then down till I suddenly bite awake. Love’s

    hate behind a white veil; a red balloon bursting
    in my face. Bang. I stabbed at a wedding-cake.
    Give me a male corpse for a long slow honeymoon.
    Don’t think it’s only the heart that b-b-b-breaks.

    You must watch How To Train Your Dragon... I love it <3 Some of the scenes in the movie are just beautiful. <3 Plus there is some nice fan art around it.
    oh the crossdressing one? I still remember it... as a matter of fact it actually happens in FF7 y'know
    LOL XD Best not to torture yourself with her voice, it might have giving you flashbacks to the characte rXD. My headache has now gone after I had a drink, :D I don't think I get grumpy more unresponsive to those around me. :p

    I can live with little spiders, its the big ones that make me a little nervous, but I can call my dad to let it outside so its all good. Ah I remember year 10.... you wanna know something.... in year 11 it only gets worse >:D. However I am pass secondary school and in collage right now, which is a bit better, shorter hours, you can leave and go anywhere. Shakespeare is fun when you go to see the plays, which play are you doing? Shakespeare was better than the poems personally, I used to hate the poems so much, Havisham how I detest you!

    I don't like horror. :p Mostly because my older sister made me watch a load of them when I was younger... they scared my fragile young mind so now I can't take any kind of horror. Favourite movies would be Disney movies, How to train your dragon, Lord of the rings, Tron, Batman, Star Trek..... the list will go on and on. XD I generally like family movies.
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