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  • Can you confirm or deny that Verah's Carriage Reaver has physical countermeasures to being hacked - ie; will it explode if it has controlled wrested from it?
    So, I saw the help you offered King with his temp. Thank you. That was a nice gesture, and the concept is amazing. It's exactly the kind of thing I wanted him to come up with, but I kinda need all RPers in this RP to have a rudimentary understanding of the science in it on their own. It's going to be difficult to keep up later on in the RP when everyone starts flashing their powers and he has no real way of debilitating them aside from going straight on, head to head.

    The two templates I rejected were primarily because of their blatant contradictions with established science.

    I don't know why I'm telling you all this. I just wanted to genuinely thank you for helping King.
    And interesting it is. Your spin on hemoglobin-electromagnetism interactions had me excited like an eight-year-old on Christmas Eve.
    It's fine. The fact that you're telling me about it now shows you have read the rules, and that's all the tag really is there for.
    Hey. Nice interview and I never knew me and Ed was one of your favortie battles. I swear if you got that saved then you should send it to me.

    Yo you still never gave me that big ass fight that I wanted almost two years ago....sensai. I haven't had a big battle in awhile. Let's see if I can really be called a vet.
    Nah, but if enough people have it I'll go and pick up my own. We'll just do the interview over PM, I guess. Not today though, can't really be bothered D:
    And I'm not getting any message that I've received an add request.

    Urgh I hate this IM client.
    It won't let me add you, for some reason.

    Can you try adding jezza-147@hotmail.com, or make a new account and add that?
    Ha, I found a couple too. I forgot primitive traps can be activated from afar XD
    I meant for the path in the clearing, one which you'd have to cross but okay
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