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  • I'm not sure of GMC misread my post or didn't notice the link but he may have accidentally forgotten a trap I set up...
    Yeah I love greek mythology too and God of War. I love me some eye smashing head ripping soul sucking violence!
    haha that would be cool though

    take it you like god of war then? I first heard of Elysium when reading Percy Jackson lol
    just out of curiosity, when you say elysian fields, are you talking about the paradise in hades, Elysium?
    That is true, though I still cannot imagine a place and time where prohibiting Freedom of Speech is morally acceptable. Interestingly enough, I was in a similar position as that girl, and I agree. I lived in Asia my whole life--I even lived in China when I was much, much younger--and my life there and in other parts of Asia was very westernized. China was not the dictatorship everyone makes it out to be in my memory. I don't know. Maybe things have changed with the advent of the Internet. I read that China had intentions to set up a China-net of sorts and prevent their citizens from accessing outside material, but I'm pretty sure they have yet to follow through.
    I don't think fundamental human rights are something that we should leave to opinion. I know only the basics of Chinese affairs, but suppressing a person's rights to individuality is just wrong. (I cringe at the hypocrisy here. Condemning the Chinese government is just as autocratic as what it is doing to its people.) It may be efficient, but does that make it acceptable? I strongly disagree. Though I know a system of complete anarchy is never going to work to a country's benefit, rampant authoritarianism has no place in our world today. Censoring thoughts and voices has deleterious consequences. It makes us efficient workers, but it robs us of the creativity and innovation in which we take so much pride.

    I suppose you need to look at the goals, time and setting as well. Perhaps adopting this mindset was what China needed to do then, but maybe things have changed now. I don't know. All I know is that if someone told me I needed to believe in religion X, worship deity Y and bow to Chairman Z who came to power without my blessing, I would be furious.
    None taken. :) And my share of intelligent teachers who know what they're doing but fail miserably at getting others to be the same makes me very aware of the difference between teaching and knowing. XD

    I absolutely love the idea. It's like a fun version of The Roleplaying Academy. I will definitely pop in for a few classes myself when this is uploaded. Are you going to teach every class yourself? Sounds like a massive responsibility and a daunting task. I would offer my help, but I doubt my knowledge is specific enough to roleplaying to make me a good teacher; I've only signed up to mentor grammar and diction type things in the Academy, nothing like character development. You've gone and hyped me up for this; you have to follow this through now! XD

    Hang on, you said you'll be giving Bonechill an assignment. The thread isn't even up yet. How can he have an assignment without a school? Or are you having private tuitions as well? XD

    Notice I said "quality" rather than "quantity"? The thing I find about long posts--in own encounters at any rate; I don't claim to know anything about the post quality the people I haven't roleplayed with yet--is that they often spend the better part of it simply paraphrasing what I say. It thoroughly vexes me because I already know what happened. Just get to the part where you come in with your responses to it, or add some modicum of your own interpretation; don't come to me with a rephrase of what I wrote. A shorter post with refined ideas is better than an endless drivel that contributes nothing new.

    People should only write the amount they feel comfortable with but strive to make whatever they write the best they have written.

    Honestly, I think elitism may possibly have something to do with the general disdain for the battle section newcomers feel. No one joins their threads. :/ That happened to me in the past. I don't know. Right now, it feels like I'm making elitism the devil, that everything wrong in the world is because of it. XD
    Read his posts on a few occasions and they never cease to impress. And, really, what is there to take pride in post counts? They're just a number. Anyone can type something and hit 'Post'. I'd take quality over quantity any day.

    (And I just realized I missed the second part of your VM earlier.)

    Haha. I know. I mean, I'm a mentor there, and I have only my grades in English to support me. I am definitely no teacher. But to my defense, I read books about grammar and style--does that count as research?

    But your RP: is it an RP that in-RP teaches people how to RP? (Lol, that was a lot of RPs in one sentence.) Reading your rationale for the teaching battle with Bonechill puzzles me that you're not a mentor in the Academy. I'm subscribing to the teaching battle thread to make sure I'm one of the first to see the masterpiece flourish.

    I think we should expect and aim for quality and detail in all our posts. How are we going to improve if we only make half-hearted attempts at it? My philosophy has always been to give whatever you do your all and persist and persist again.
    What I found particularly disconcerting, which has stuck in my head for a while now, was somone in an OOC thread saying to a new guy "Don't be afraid to ask the people with the colored names for help. They know what they're doing." Or something along those lines. Why can't a member with less than 1,000 posts help? What if the best writer in the All-the-land had just joined the site and had zero posts? Are his or her contributions less important because of something as silly as the size of your avatar?

    It just stuck.

    I wanted to say that I completely agree with you and have nothing intelligent to add to your argument. Who holds the power to decide is an extremely important factor. There is no way a system like this would favor people in lower socioeconomic groups.
    I think you had every right to, though. You quite clearly have skill and experience on your side, and it would not be fair to yourself, to him, or to anyone in this competition if you had not fought to the best of your ability. If he won the battle, it would only have been because you let him off easy, and his final rank in the tournament would be nothing more than a comforting lie. At least he knows his place now so he can set realistic targets to aim toward.

    Letting him win in the training battle (or him genuinely winning) is a great idea and would make him more confident, but not in the tournament. He has the right to know his true level of skill.

    You're tempting me so badly to get in on one of these battles with you. A battle not to win but to develop strategy: this is an intriguing concept, one I think both vets and beginners should attempt at least once. They probably won't battle you because of the Platinum user name. XD Site's sometimes pretty elitist if you haven't already noticed.
    Interesting scenario: if you transplant a dead man's testicles into a living man, and the living man and his wife have a baby, whose baby is it anyway? XD (Sorry, really into organ transplantation at the moment.)

    You seem like a really nice person. Most vets wouldn't give the people they defeat a second chance. I think what you did with Bonechill is really commendable--though your final move was brutal. Intelligent, but brutal. XD
    Really? Wow. You learn something new everyday.

    Who needs two brain hemispheres? XD You know, apparently, head transplants (or probably better termed 'body transplants') have been theorized possible; you'd just be paralyzed neck downward, so not much of an improvement there. Still, I'd like to see a surgery like that in my lifetime.
    Unfortunately that's how most people act. They shove their hand in hot coal and act surprised when they get burned.

    Fortunately for you, I think, that system has yet to be implemented, so you should be on equal standing with a non-smoker should you ever--touch wood--need a transplant. I'm really not sure what goes on in hospital ethics committees, but I found no nation-wide guideline demeriting smokers--unless it falls "ability to follow post-operative directions".
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