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Alaude Drenxta

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  • Dude I just want to apologize for seeming like an ass in the cancer topic. I am not trying to offend.
    Just wonderin' if you still wanted to go through with the challenge. My temp's finished and everything.
    oh really because you seem like the no-good-up-to-nothing-dork that would waste their time like that, but sry kid i am getting your rep removed i just wanted to mess with you first, and even if you do respond to this, i 'll just delete it and not respond
    Hey check this Square Enix based forum www.enix-online.com/forums, We just started out, But it is an awesome friendly community, We have everything you need, RPG Inferno which willllll be awesome, comes out sometime july, We have an shoutbox, arcade, award system and much more We are a role playing, anime, gaming, and graphics site as well so please take 2 minutes out of your life and check it out.

    Hi i just found your neg rep comment and i find it really annoying, the only reason i posted that thread was to alert the mods about what was going on, not to troll or what ever you call it, i got a lot of hate rep calling me a bigot, moron, idiot etc.... and i found it hateful so that's why i opened the thread, that thread has since been closed, i'm going to have to contact the admin yet again because of you, thanks so much i just got done dealing with this whole thing and now i have to deal with it again!!:angry: i'm really getting tired of people hating on others on this forum.......
    Hahaha, nice pretty much the same thing i'm doing. nm to be doin anymore is there.
    Well you said you was having a baby (Congrats) but it kind of weirded me out because I thought you was a guy lol.
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