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  • It's too bad my thread was locked, I didn't mean it to be offensive :/ I don't think the mod actually read it.

    I wanted to say thanks for your posts, they did a pretty fantastic job of exploring my original point :D
    haha like FFvs13 will ever finish.
    sadly people do seem to start the series with handhelds and kh2 >.> so yes an intelligent marketing move but one thats none the less hard on current fans cause not everyone can afford to follow it like this and youtube isnt enough for some.

    actually they do disney owns the original characters completely like they do all the characters that appear from disney movies they have ultimate say tho so far they seem to only have gone as far as input.
    as for the FF characters they're pretty much just cameo appearances now, sure disney has not say on them but how they act and such in their game they have input.d
    I do my very best, :D.
    I really like to construct my thoughts around several game events backed up with the interview stuff in order to make a chain out of it to explain more than just one thing.
    KH has shown more than one time that some rules can be bended in special circumstances, so I am also not fixated on following a "supposed" rule to the book.
    Even such wise characters as Yen Sid and Ansem the Wise can fall victim to a fallacy. ;)

    You're very good indeed, and I am glad it can remain civil. ^___^
    Another pretty interesting thing is then to see which one's interpretation comes nearest to actual canon later.
    Headcanon is always a different kind of story. :D

    One-liners seldom help much when it goes on to actually explain things, especially since Nomura loves to keep things vague and even if he doesn't things can still be interpreted differently.
    Just dropping by shortly to tell you I pretty much enjoy your way of debating things, lol.

    Truly enjoyable even if I don't agree with all of your interpretations.
    It's rare to see people going deeper into the stuff of the series like that...your long posts can totally rival mine...*ggg*
    wow wall of text anyway, i actually think bbs did a good job myself yet theres always those few.
    all that is well and good now but im thinking long run and complexity of this level isnt all the good in a long stretch unless nomura manages to handle it well which i think he could handle it much better if SE didnt have him on two or three things and once and Nintendo wasnt always there wanting a kh for a handheld.
    and nomura is always commenting on getting new fans well thats kinda hard to do when most the series is spread over several systems, of course you could watch youtube but for some (like me) cant watch vids.
    hopefully after kh3 things will slow down a bit like a new start story wise.

    DDD is in all honestly just that since its were all the lose ends come together for kh3

    i think he will cause what they'll let nomura do with him in the long run is something Disney has ultimate stay on and i dont see disney letting him stray to far.
    i feel its done lost its magic, bbs came closet since kh1 imo, CoM had a great story and set up things nicely but kh2 didnt follow thru, coded was fun but in all pointless and not needed, days only added to the confusion (tho so did ven-roxas) as did the whole xehanort stuff >.> i much more preferred it like it was in kh1 with ansem being you know ansem.
    to late for that nearly every game so far has been to explain minor elements xD while only adding more.

    also since kh will always feature sora you know its gonna get dull, stale and all round not worth it in the long run :I cause he can only develop as a character so far.

    its 3am so i think i'll go to bed now, later~
    no their not quite the same but for me they are. that is where we're different cause i am not xD

    i just like kh's story or did after kh1 its been almost down hill to me -_-
    one does not need to understand simply accept~
    i got into it cause i seen the 1st commercial way back in 02 i was like 11 or 12 and grew up on disney movies and after i played i liked the story and such but i never felt emotional at most i got pissed cause sora went with donald and goofy at the end instead of taking kairi xD
    im anti-social emotions and connecting are things i dont comprehend :p
    i didnt really enjoy it the whole time i was all "WTH?" but eh i aint that emotional to begin with~
    xD that reminded me of a sig i seen once where sora's at that crying scene and kairi's like "WTF? i got bewbs now!!! -flashes tho blurred out-" sora: "we're trying to have a moment here"
    its always effective if your doing what you like to on a day off :]
    xD i dub this boat "OJSA" (out jobs suck ass)
    0,0 you got a day off after friday!? i usually get it thru the week tho ive come to like that better.
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