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  • Yes but Spirit is my character for me next anime idea. So he still lives on in my mind and heart. But anyway I won't hold you over from posting in the RP.
    Well that depends if our characters meet that is and see if they actually develop a connection. But it's not my choice to decide on whether you want to do this or not. I'm okay with anything you want to do.
    Thank you. *hugs you tightly* Well if you don't want to that's cool. I could fine another person to hook my guy with in the RP. Sad really, we actually made a good team with that stuff.
    '0' Ack! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Please don't cut me short from my blood supplies. I'll die without your blood. *grovels at your feet for your forgiveness*
    Riiiiiight! Okay you keep telling yourself that. *finishes drinking your blood and licks up your neck wounds*
    I think you know who it is. Just call it coincidence that the past few RP's we've been in, we've been kinda setting up a relationship between our characters time after time. And I know you might do it in this one we're in now.
    Well I'm not doing so good. My laptop crashed on me early this morning so I might be slow on posts. And yeah looks like it. I bet I know who your going to hook up with in this RP. *leans in and bites your neck to drink your blood*
    I've been okay. Nothing new, nothing special really. *walks over to you and pushes your hair past your neck* But I'm very hungry right now. *licks your neck and my eyes shine bright red*
    Hey you didn't reply to me. What's up with that? I'm just kidding, I'm sure your just busy with other things. Well sorry to disrupt you. I'll leave you alone now. Hope to RP with ya soon.
    Opp, forgot my blood. Excuse me for a sec will you. *brushes your hair back and bites into your neck to feed and then finishes up really quickly making sure I don't take a lot of blood from you* Mmm, delicious as always.
    Hey don't cry. *wipes the tear off your face* I'll still be around. And you know that RP idea I showed you a while back. Well I think I'll just make it into a story instead for my storyboard assignment. So for RP matters I might have to think of a new one or hope there's one I'll be intrested in. And until then, I hope to join you in that mystery RP.

    Okay? *gives you a reasuring smile*
    I was tired of being drawn back on my character being a Reaper. And my life is gonna get more rough now with these new college class's I now have. So I have no time to deal with RP's. So, sorry.
    Hey, can I have a drink of blood please? I'm dieing of thirst!

    Edit: BTW, I dropped out of the Deblin RP.
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