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  • Right, maybe I'll find something more decent then my last job. I just hate being a busboy for restraunts. Ugh! *takes the towel and tosses it into the dryer*
    *smiles but hands you a towel seeing that your a bit wet from my rain cloud* Guess I have to look at the want adds again. Man, I'm never gonna replace my car at this rate.
    Thanks, but your gonna get wet from my gloom downpour. *the rain cloud over my head starts raining on the both of us*
    Yeah I guess so. Well I'm gonna get off. Need to get ready for bed. Good night! And say hi to my brother to me.
    It's dead? Awww man! Another RP I'm in that's died on me. But oh well. I've been busy with my new boyfriend anyway and busy ice skating too.
    Hello!!! Um I just posted in the Cirque Du Freak RP for my brother so, where is everyone else?
    because you've helped me through the Angel RP and such... because you are one of the few members who'll hold tegether characther-wise in an RP... you are one of five members who enjoy my RPs
    how's it going Alia? listen I just wanted to thank you for your support... I mean RP wise...
    *flickes my tongue on your neck and bites down on it with my teeth to suck out your blood and my tails wag a bit*
    Well at least I'm not dressed as a class act.

    And I don't know. Before my New Year started my car gave me more troubles. Suddenly the break pressure is acting up and I could barely stop my car thanks god. I hope that maybe a cord snapped or it's in need of some breaker fluid. *drinks from my glass* How about you?
    Heh, Happy New Year to you too. *has some sparkling cider in my hands and pops open the bottle* Want a drink? *pours in some sparkling cider in a glass for me and one for you*
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