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  • The Portable for the PSP, I like it a bit but the battle system is a bit uncomfortable for me. The story's good but I haven't fiished the game yet.
    My bad for the late reply lol
    I would've gotten BBS if I hadn't used up my allowance on Phantasy Star, I wouldn't recommend playing it though lol
    my hearts only belongs to one:
    YouTube - Simple and Clean - Gosalyn Mix - R.I.P. Walton Disney
    True and I'll probably make more crack pairings in the future. But Vanitas/Xion will not be one of them.

    Can't look at the pic right now; stuck on a old computer that won't show it. I'll check it out later when I can use a computer that will show it. ;)
    To be honest? No. I can see why one could like it, but as a Xion hater, no I don't like it at all.
    And it seems like it worked! D'awww...that is so cute ^_^
    Ah, sorry! Though, since I've already posted the image, you can just copy and paste it, and it'll still work in the forums :)
    Well, it's not for everyone I suppose; but I enjoy it because I find the characters fun to read. I also enjoy the Victorian setting. There's also that "bishie/yaoi" appeal, but that doesn't really apply to me.
    Image: Aeon | Castlevania Judgment Art Gallery

    Like something straight out of Kuroshitsuji, lol
    Obata is the artist. The character is from Castlevania: Judgment (which Obata drew the character designs for).
    we're streaming harry potter and the philosopher's stone live on our channel, so join us!

    khinsider - live streaming video powered by Livestream
    pretty much, really sucks, esspecaly for us who got KH1,and 2 the DAY they came out. i heard disney, and final fantasy, and begged my grandma to buy me KH1, and i havnt stoped playing since, i even had a glitch disc once where there were a mix of dark balls and shadows where the shadow would turn to smoke like the dark ball, it was amazing!
    it just seams like weve been waiting, how many years for KH3? we didnt ask for all these mini sodes, or as my otaku buddys call it "that ********************************************* filler!" lol, they probly need to learn not to swear though XD
    haha, sounds fun, to bad threads like "10K unversed" dosnt count toward your post count, i swear if it did, id have a huge post# lol
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