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  • Yeah, a little bit. Basically, it's a girl that controls fire, but her parents control two different elements. The father controls fire and the mother controls water, but she is seen as ill-tempered by her father's people and dangerous and reckless by her mother's people. I sure will. Also, I think you posted your message on your own board.
    It doesn't really look that bad, but it seems like your going for a Tales series kind of art style. Might want to look at a few of those then. Also is this inspired by Zuko from Avatar in anyway?
    Here is what I have so far.
    The person I am drawing right now is a girl, but I am having trouble drawing her body. My characters tend to look rather ambiguous.
    I totally adore River Song but I agree that Amy's time had definitely come. I just wish that the Ponds leaving had been handled better. YES, SOMEONE WHO LIKES RORY. <333 He fucking punched Hitler IN THE FACE.
    I didn't really like that. :C It felt like current Clara had to be tampered with to be made clever. I love his interactions with her though; Matt Smith is adorable as the Doctor.
    She's my least favorite Clara. I loved the other two so much because they could keep up with the Doctor and just kept surprising him.

    This Clara is... typical companion.
    Vincent ;__; I adore that episode. Ugh, the end... when they take him to see his art and how he starts crying. It's so beautiful.
    Neil Gaiman is wonderful but I'd be surprised if he took on being the lead writer/exec producer. I would welcome him though! The Doctor's Wife... my favorite line is still "another Ood I've failed to save".
    I've heard of it, but it doesn't seem like it's my kind of game, I'm more old school I guess, like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy Blazblue, Golf, and any Suda 51 games I guess haha.
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