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    i need to read the manga but i have seen it on youtube but tranzater on youtube to english
    hey andillexe i finally finalized the concept for my story. this time i'm positive wanna see it?
    sorry about the other two post i accidentally posted the same thing so i deleted them
    honestly i havent started it yet. i know u tried to help me and so did many others but i havent written in such a long time that i don't know how too. what i've basically been doing in character development
    hey andillexes whats sup i'm trying to set up my characters for my story. what would u say sora's body type is skinny, slender?
    well i'm getting pretty bored of this site. everyone talks about the same thing and everytime i try to make a thread i found out i'm days behind someone else...i just give up
    then don't spoil yourself lol....i would suggest u don't read any of the kh forums then since all of them contain spoilers in someway
    yeah ansem the wise

    and u might as well spoil yourself now so u don't have questions later lol
    well its just a theory

    was looking at the secret ending from bbs and i really have a strong feeling kingdom hearts 3d is going to have to do with this "hidden research data" ansem put in sora while he was sleeping. and i found something important in here of what he said after "that boy(sora), whose heart was connected to someone who could do it....that door would open(riku since he opened the door in kh1) then maybe those crippled beings could be saved(nobodies which would probably show why sora is fighting that nobody in the screenshot.

    and before he said "i made clothes for the beings of nothings(i don't know what this means but i think he's saying in a way he created the nobodies or something but i'm not sure)
    hey andillexe whats sup u don't gotta answer my quote about the story again. but i think i finally know what kingdom hearts 3d is about
    hey andillexe as u know i've been working on a story for like over a year now and all i've seem to made was my own oc's, and i got like 25 of them so far. can u please help me come up with a story please? this story is going to be my own and so far all i've come up is the setting would take place on a single planet known as terra.
    well i finally got the next chapter up
    i laughed when i saw that the site is now censoring the posts from profanity, oh well
    just a slight ding to the seriousness of the story, no biggie
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