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  • well the person's soul "awakening" occurs during there sleep so no they are not conscious at the time. though they may see it as a simple dream.
    the blade is a part of the soul and lies deep within the person until they have the power to release its power
    well a mirror of the person and who is dear to him. and unlike kh the voice will be the blade itself seeing if its wielder is worthy to wield it and if he passes he will be able to wield the blade (mostly when his life is threatened)
    one more question andillexe if you don't mind. what should the inside of the a person's soul or awakening look like? i kind of like how it looked it kh with the platforms and stuff.
    notebooks don't work good with me lol. i keep getting different ideas and ripping the pages out and at the last minute when no pages are left i come up with the idea!
    trying to but haven't wrote in a while. i find it easier to get concepts for a story other than writing them.
    did you see my replies to your questions on the private message? anything you feel should be added or explained more?
    wow andillexes thanks for reading all my notes. oh and the inner dimension within the soul you can think of it as the "awakening" like it kh. people's who's souls are stronger connected can connect here and communicate when far away. i'll look back at the notes to see what other questions you had
    A living essence that resides in all living things
    A soul makes a person feel, have emotion
    A soul makes a person who they are, gives them there personality
    A soul also stores a person’s memories
    Without a soul a person could not live
    Souls have extraordinary abilities
    Souls have an inner dimension within themselves
    Souls can sense the strength’s of other soul’s
    Souls can seek shelter in other’s if there body is lost
    Souls can be erased from other’s presence’s
    Souls can be read and show what kind of person someone is
    All souls have light and darkness
    Souls between people very close can be connected, making them strongly linked to each other
    When a person dies there soul is released and returns to “The Core”
    Even world’s themselves have souls
    The core is the ultimate soul
    When a good soul dies, it returns to the core where it is reborn again
    If a soul is corrupted by darkness, the person will become a creature known as a “Shadow”
    Shadows are mindless creatures who seek to feed on the soul’s of others
    Shadows hunger could not end, they feed so they can end there “emptiness”
    Shadows being made of souls cannot die of old age and are forced to live empty lives in the world eating souls, not quenching its hunger and never to return to the core
    When a person becomes a shadow “mostly” there memories, emotions, and personalities are extinguished and they become nothing but mindless beast
    Stronger shadows are able to keep there memories, and there human forms
    Only a weapon known as the “Spirit Blade” can defeat the shadows
    The blade is born from the soul’s of a strong person
    When a shadow is defeated by the blade its dark soul is released, purified and now can return to the core
    The blade gives the wielder extraordinary abilities: enhanced endurance, speed, leap, sense other’s soul’s
    The blade has a mind of it’s own
    The blade is strongly connected to the soul of its wielder
    The blade’s appearance depends on the personality of the wielder, and no blade is the same
    The blade can have the power’s of light or darkness depending on the person’s soul
    hey andillexe i started a new story and this time i'm going to stick with it. it is my own story and all the characters are mine (about 40 so far) and there are no Disney characters as of yet to be introduced. want to see the notes i wrote so far?
    thanks on and i made up my own world but haven't decided. should it be like a town, an island, or both?
    hi andillexe whats sup. i'm working on another story. should i put time in the story to describe the characters and there world?
    this is the new one i've been working on i kinda like this one so far.

    Chapter 1-Unexpected Guest

    A small dark hooded figure walked through the quiet town.
    The figure stood still and watched as black creatures appeared from portals of darkness in the ground. Suddenly, a strange weapon appeared in the figure’s hand. The hooded figure charged at the creatures and struck them with the blade and they faded away into puffs of darkness.
    “So the relentless are even here too” said the hooded figure. “There’s not much time I’d better hurry”. The figure then ran off deeper into the outskirts of the town.
    “Leo!” a girl cried out. A man with brown spiky hair raised his weapon ready to attack the black creatures in front of him. “More Relentless…Tina go!”. The white-haired girl taking refugee behind him did as he said and ran off.
    “You Relentless want some!” he cried. He charged at them and swiped through them with his weapon and they faded away into darkness. More and more relentless then poured out of the ground proving more of a challenge for Leo to handle. “Come on where are you all coming from!”.
    “Leo!”. A figure jumped through the air slashing through the relentless with a series of aerobatic moves. Soon all the relentless were defeated. Leo merely watched the hooded figure. The figure removed his hood and its appearance was shown.
    The figure was a some kind of mouse with a black nose and large circles for ears. “Mickey” Leo said knowingly. “Its been awhile Leo there’s a few things we have to discuss”.
    hey andillexe did you see the story i posted its called my kh story it's a story i'm trying to work on but i might start it over or change it
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