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  • Yeah, I'm pretty stubborn, so I'm going to stay here until I just really can't feel that I can't anymore. And then, once it comes out in NA, I'll be gone either way, too busy playing to worry about being on here. :D
    Yeah, I think we'll try and keep the Kairi HC spoiler free for the most part. The Xion FC... not so much. I'll probably just avoid that FC till September. Gonna be hard, though. I might have to cancel my subscription on it.

    The Non-KH sections should be safe for the most part, since the ones that go there aren't going there to talk about KH or even particularly care about KH anymore.
    The only thing that I went into the spoiler section for was the music. That I don't consider as much of a spoiler. Xion's theme is pretty.

    But, people have been spoiling it outside the bounds of the spoilers section, especially in the FI section, with Xion's FC. So, if I'm to avoid every possible place that it could be spoiled, which is everywhere, I'd have to leave. I'm just going to be very careful about what I go into nowadays. And if that doesn't work, then I'll leave.
    Ugh... I'm so afraid of being on here because of all the people that are going spoiler happy, but I don't want to leave till September. That would suck so much.
    Yeah. But then I saw itty bitty baby pigs that can fit in the palm of a hand and all was better. ;w;

    Yeah. But it was still a bit sad. :< Poor elephant.

    The fox wasn't cute though. I was so mad. XD;; I was ranting about how most foxes are cute, but then this one looked like it got its face smushed together.

    There was a scene about lions taking down an elephant.
    Yeah... :<

    XD;; I saw Planet Earth earlier. It was showing these cute little overgrown hamster-like critters that live in the Himalayas, IIRC, and I was telling my friend that I would get her one. Then a fox came and ate one and I said, "Uh... not that one."
    Yeah. It'd be lovely if the rain would go to any places that need it. :< Sadly, the rain doesn't want to do that.

    It's supposed to be rainy all throughout the week until next Monday.

    I know. >: I hate that when it rains in Oklahoma, it pours. For days on end.
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