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  • There's your problem. I personally suggest Chrome or Firefox. Chrome runs wonderfully in my opinion. IE is just full of problems and it's so slow and gross looking to me.
    Oh no I figured it was something like that. What browser are you using? It's doing that for some of them.
    Yeah... looking through your posts... I'd REALLY prefer it if you didn't change your text color every post. Especially to white or Black. If it's black, you can't read it on the dark, if it's white you can't read it on the light skin. We have it set up so it changes to what it needs to be automatically.

    Please stop. I don't like editing posts...
    You know they're probably never getting rid of it.

    However, you could always bypass it, or just write longer posts.
    Haha it's okay i know all about crappy computers :) have to go back to school tomorrow :( I wish break would never end lol.
    Haha yeah that's good xD I saw New Moon last night and it was so much better than twilight, I was shocked lol.
    Omg seriously???? That would suck!!!!!!!!!

    Would you want to check out my fanfic? I have a link for it in my sig.
    Omg I know!!! Our teacher gave us 2 days to write an essay, how crazy is that??
    I'm a total nerd about grades lol xD
    I got an A in band too!! *high fives* :D
    Omg sorry IO haven't been able to get on, school is stupid :p

    I love your avvie!!!!!!!!
    You prbly have heard this before, but im gonna say it any way. The sonic pic in you sig was freakin funny!!HAHAHAHA! Did you draw that yourself? And i think i figured out why some of my class mates are afraid of twister.
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