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  • Oh I did okay in alegebra 1, I'm good at memorizing formulas but now I hate geometry I have no idea what the teacher is talking about!
    no i have to pay my parents off first....i just need $15. i think im going to get it today!!
    is it awesome??
    (please dont ruin it for me :(---i have satyed away from every single spoiler lol)
    nerds lol
    lol yeah band takes a lot of my sisters time-i imagine its the same for you
    thanks,yeah i have lots of siblings that go to 2 different school...
    sometimes it is still my fault though lol
    i have to say when i was at Saturday detention,it was really close to the suckiest 3 hours of mm life.
    well i got in some trouble for disturbing class and talking etc.
    but the main reason is because i had too many tardies....
    No it's fine I've been really busy with school too! I got a 97 on my math test though I'm so happy!!
    We've lost the last two matches which really sucks. I'm so glad it's the weekend.
    Yeah I had on a black shirt, black b-ball shorts, and knee high black socks. It was sweet xD They do them all the time at my school. Like 1/2 my clothes are blue, and then the rest is just other colors lol.
    Everyone dresses in black. It's pretty cool. And I'm sure you'll make some new friends!
    lol,my friend got called a tarriest like 50 time-no joke!
    it was kind of funny,i have to go to bed*hugs* good night
    lol yeah
    there was like a bunch of tararrist (sorry suck at spelling)jokes at my school 9/11 was a little racist.....
    thats awesome!!!
    i made a 84 on my lol
    my day was pretty good...but it was also really boring.
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