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    I remember reading somewhere that if and when theres a kh3 it might not be about sora or even in the same time period but infact based on past events.personally myself if thats the case it might be about one of the first keyblade masters. "you dont look as though as the others"-axle.im sure he...
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    in sora's shoes

    Okay lets say you wer in sora's big ass yellow shoes and you had decide whether to find your friends,save the world or just,sit back and see if things work them selves out.which would you do? (i know ths is stupid but i was bored and didnt know where to put this,so sorry)
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** i just saw the kh2 ending at the end when these guys in armor are walking in the field of keyblades you see three things:a butt load of keyblades,the shadow of some one else walking towards them,and the words keyblade war.what do you think...
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    wierd scenes

    This isnt realy a game,i just couldnt figure where to put this. but anyways the rules are simple:just name a scene from any movie,disney or not,that would just be wierd if it was a kingdom hearts world example:lord of the rings the two towers.the part where they are on helms deep fighting the...
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    New Drive?

    im sure mickey and riku separate after awhil because i havent seen them in any trailers together. but any ways i dont know if you can fuse with riku but theres a good chance you can
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    Axel or Ansem?

    ansem isnt more powerful then axle to me,but hes more evil then axle.he knows how to manipulte people into doing his dirty work for him.but axle has a back ground story that im sure theyll talk about in KH2,and i love me some back ground stories so i say axle is best.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack Discussion

    wow!where did you find all this?
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    KH2 ESRB Rating

    im hoping its rated T.its been so long coming that all of its original players are in there teens and are ready for more mature conversations and cut-scenes.but i doubt,how sad.
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    your favorit drive form

    the wisdom form.i'm all for fusing with donald!
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    the warriors

    To anyone who hasnt seen the movie or played the game the warriors is about street gangs,mainly the warriors,in new york during 1978.instead of guns they street fight using good ol' fist and the occasinal bat,pipe,chain,knife,glass bottle,brass knuckles.etc. This rp takes place in 2008,the war...
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    Is Larxene still alive?

    why must all the cute girls die young?
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    Sephiroth in KHII: Confirmed, Videos

    whats the big deal with lance bass doing his voice?
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    Drive Form Theories

    i hope its like that,but only the second part.
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    music can tell you alot about a person so what is your favorite genre of music and your three favorite artist in that genre genre-rap artist-1.)kanye west 2.)T.I. 3.)paul wall
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    Final Boss?

    (just joking)i think its going to be a pissed off winnie the pooh with a big friggin hack-saw