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  • Awesome! Sounds like fun! I hope you have enough scholarships to cushion it? How are the individuals in the dorm? I know with myself that I plan to stay home while in education. :)
    Haha! It's been forever man! I was surprised to read a message from ya! And I've been keeping myself occupied! :D Been writing, cleaning, etc. I logged on to find something mentally challenging actually, or for an interesting topic. X3333 So how are you? What have you been doing? :D
    lol, I know right? its such a great name...but yeah, thats good. I been allright, this sites not all that bad I must say...:D
    hey man whats up? yeah, i'm usually on alot. my computers kind of dead right now, i'm using my psp's internet right now. but thats cool, how've you been?
    wow, surprisingly not much has changed...hahaha
    I took up guitar during freshman year, so I mainly spend most time practicing, just got back from lessons actually, XD

    this year is almost over, then I'll be a Senior....holy crap, its been that long! haha
    haha, yeah I remember you! hey how's it been man? last time we talked, I think I was starting my freshman year...im already a junior...haha
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