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  • Just to give you a quick update on that, I'm working on assembling all of the artwork tonight. I didn't get around to it yesterday. So hopefully sometime tomorrow or the next day it will all be ready for viewing. I'm going thru my sketchbook touching up some sketches and then I will scan and assemble everything. I'm sure you don't mind the delay but I'm the type of person who will notify the person/people I'm interacting with if my words don't end up coinciding with my actions.
    I'll have to check that out. I've never read thru any of them, just seen some scans here and there. I'm working on getting my artwork onto dA tonight and tomorrow. Is it cool for me to hit you up once I'm done?
    I know, I really wish they would too. Which regions would you like to see appear in the same game? Oh you don't even need to explain, I think that the anime in general is a joke. I liked it when I was a kid, but I just can't get into it. At all. But I did enjoy Origins and the anime short they made for ORAS. Team Rocket was good in those games and I really like the event Celebi scene/battle with Giovanni.

    Cool, thank you. Oh don't worry, 'that's cool' or 'that's lame' sort of feedback would suffice lol. I do have a little bit written down regarding the general concept/idea. I also have some rough concept art that I can show you as well. I don't have any of that posted anywhere yet, so I'll need to get to that.
    2nd Gen. is my favorite for a few reasons. The first being that it holds the most nostalgia for me. I loved Red/Blue when I was a kid, and when Gold/Silver came out, it was divine lol. Another thing that I really liked about 2nd Gen. is how you travel to Kanto after clearing Johto. Oh I don't subscribe to that either. I only grind if I'm trying to evolve a pkmn by a certain point in the game or if I'm bringing up a newcomer to my team. I totally get what you're saying though. I remember someone posted a comment in the pkmn thread a few years ago saying something to the extent of, 'if you find pkmn games to be difficult, you're a serious kind of retarded'. Funny, but I also find it to be kind of true. But yeah I get what you're saying about fighting every trainer, I agree.

    Hey would you be interested in hearing about my project sometime perhaps? I haven't told many people about it as I'm trying to keep it under wraps until I feel that I have a sufficient amount of the story, plot, etc. figured out. I'm looking for a little bit of feedback from others.
    No worries, I don't mind. Thanks. I know that it's different, but this is much easier and by doing this I can actually make 'sprites'. This is a cheat of sorts I suppose. Well, no it is lol. As I was touching up the sprite I thought to myself that this might not be a bad place to start with pixel art. Maybe it could be like reverse engineering. The image is already made but by doing touch ups on it I can perhaps get a feel for it (the coloring at least). I'm working on making an illustration of Cacturne next. The sketch is done I just need to color it. I'm going to see if I can make another one using Cacturne since that pkmn's movement is simple enough for me to make lol.

    I don't mind so much. I like a challenge, which is why I'll raise a team of 12 or so pkmn each play thru, but I'm fine with them leveling up quicker. I say this because I'm older and while I still do have some time to level grind in these games lol, if it can be hastened I'll do it. I always attach Lucky Eggs to my pkmn as well.

    If you're interested, here is a link to the video that I was referring to. Nothing special but I figured post it just in case. youtube - Spriting Process - SinhRa

    Congrats, I actually played Platinum for the first time not that long ago (back in September/October). I see, if I recall correctly I think that my level gap with her was only like 5 or 4 levels. I'm taking it that you haven't played B/W then? I enjoyed B/W but I remember that I didn't like most of the new pkmn at first. I remember viewing them all on serebii the first day that the sprites were posted on the internet and thinking, "what the hell, so many of these look like something from Megaman or Digimon. However, that thought changed after some time. I actually really like most of the 5th gen. pkmn now and a good amount of them are actually some of my favorites. B/W 2 is really good too imo.

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Haha yeah, the only reason I do EVs is because of the Super Training. It's not much fun, and it is really simple/easy, but I kind of like that since it allows me to do something else while I'm doing the regimen. Ok gotcha, just hit me up once you feel that your team is developed enough. I was over leveled in my play thru actually (which I suspect is due to obtaining the exp. share so early in the game). The same thing occurred in X as well, I had a Blaziken, Gredninja, and Venusaur by the time I fought the 3rd gym leader.

    I made this after coming across a 'sprite making process' video on YouTube.
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    I'm into competitive battling I suppose, yeah. Although I haven't done it since Nintendo discontinued DS online features. I don't get into IVs at all although I do like the super training feature, so I'll max their EVs in 6th gen games. I was going to see if you would want to have a triple battle sometime, a casual one.
    Oh I see, well if it's something that you would like to pursue, pursue it. Making good pixel art isn't easy and I imagine that it would take a good deal of practice and studying to accomplish. Leonardo Da Vinci was in his forties when he made The Last Supper.

    Are you into battling in Pkmn at all?
    Yeah Toby's Island does look good visually, and I like all of the mini games and other features that they're adding. I'll be honest though, I've been following these guys and this game, and I'm losing interest. I think that a good bit of their monster designs are a bit childish looking (coming from a guy who plays pkmn lol). I was rather disappointed when I saw this post containing some of their newly made monster sprites

    Kickstarter - Projects - Tobys Island - Posts

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    Ehh I feared hearing that last part, in part because I kind of expected that to be the case. Are you familiar with the scripts made by Galv, or any of his projects? Pirate Rush, Ninja Clause, or most recently Toby's Island? I think I recall reading on one of their monthly updates a while back something to the extent of it's not really the default engine anymore. Idk, I came across RM last summer because I told myself one day, even if this looked and played like the DS Pokemon games, that would be good enough. Would you say that it's possible to make something using Ace that looked and functioned better than some DS games?
    Thanks! I don't plan on using the RTP. I know what you're saying, I kind of get that impression too. Earlier you said that VX ACE should suffice unless I've got something big planned. What specifically do you mean by that? I mean, I can make educated guesses. One thing I'm worried about and have yet to look into, is how much game data it can withstand.
    I've started developing the story, characters, and other various concepts and ideas. Nothing as far as game development is concerned, other than sketches and concept art. I've been focusing on the story and character designs. Once I feel that I have enough material/content, I'm going to start seeking out people to help develop it.
    I've never heard of that before, I'll have to check it out. Oh I see, I understand. If you change your mind sometime, hit me up! It wouldn't be a serious project, mainly for experimenting and experience.

    Is the project that you occasionally work on something with serious intents, or for the aforementioned reasons? I've got a project that I'm working on as well. It would ideally be a game, but I need to figure out if VX ACE will suffice or not.
    Yes there is. I was thinking about messing around with RM and making a short Pokemon game or demo for fun and practice. I haven't used RM in a while though, and even then my knowledge of it was limited. I recall speaking about RM with you briefly several months ago. Would you possibly be interesting in seeing if we could collab and come up with something?
    Hey do you enjoy playing the Pokemon games? I didn't scan thru the Pkmn thread to see if your active there, figured I'd just ask.
    I hate Home Alone 2 and 4. xD And tv played the first one so many times I can't look at it now. My fave though is home alone 3. 8D It's actually enjoyable to watch. xD
    Oh, it's from the song Ookami Shounen Dokuhaku. To translate (briefly), "Oh, how I really hate those soft cheeks you have".
    I know what you mean :D
    Luigi is the poster boy for Mario Kart memes but I think Donkey Kong is much funnier!
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