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  • Lolz
    u need to think out side the box ;)
    theres other ways to learn BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    i wanna learn japanese ^ .^
    and nah if i get a job first i'll focus on getting money then i'll start school online ;)
    i mean come on theres alot of way to go to school so no need to make a big deal about it...unless your super lazy ahahahahahahaha
    Lolz pain isnt bad but im scare of hurting people....im just a weak dude -.-
    well its not only because of the game,my mom is getting old,its not like we have money problems but she needs one to help her and since my bro doesnt help her I'm the only one left so i need a job.
    Lolz just kidding XD i would never hurt anyone....im too scare to fight.....
    well i am stupid but nah if i go to school i wont be able to get a job and if i dont get one i wont be able to get BBS,days or any other KH games :(

    but i can still go to school later on XD
    Lolz then i should beat you up >:)
    well i havent started and might never start if i find a job Lolz
    Lolz you should i mean u can add so much to gimp...its like photoshop XD
    AHAHAHAHAH u too huh XD
    Lolz well Gimp is a free program and a really good one,you should try it out
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no pro XD i suck at encouraging.....
    well if u have photoshop,fireworks cs3 or gimp then you should practice a little
    thanks for wat? XD
    hmmmm dont give up...keep trying or you wont get good....when i first startes i too gave up but for some reason i kept trying BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    you'll will be ^^ i mean i started making sigs a few weeks ago and suck at it but im doin ok and im getting no help......
    and you'll have people to teach you, making u learn faster ^^
    so you'll be good in no time :D
    Lolz is thats so x3
    oooohhhh i see XD then you'll do cool sigs soon enough BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Lolz you sure are random in a way XD
    cool but i dont see how art class will help you O______O;;
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