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  • Has has all been?
    It's been awhile though, so please excuse my ignorance. I don't quite recognize your name
    haha it definitely looks different
    no offense but i dont remember you
    i dont remember any other members actually haha
    did they leave as well?
    ive forgotten how to do most stuff here
    like reply to normal messages haha
    so i'll just do it here
    i've been alright haha
    how about you?
    Pretty big on ancient greek/roman beliefs, legends, etc. Was having a hard time thinking up a new username because I couldn't use 'something like rome' (which I use everywhere that Riel is taken) so I was using some profane terms. Two and two came together, so I was like 'fuck Apollo.' and that worked. :D
    I find your username funny because I just made a last.fm account named 'fuckapollo' about a week ago.

    Thought I'd share that with you, lol.
    Oh, thank you so much! I can't believe I forgot to credit him... Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    Anyways, it's by Apple Jaxx.
    ayeeee whats newww?

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    ^hate that
    Um anytime around 6-7pm central time I should be around. Either here on the forums on on my PS3 so just look me up and I should be around.
    We can play tonight. Got off work early so I can probably fit some games in or we can play Wednesday if that's good for you. I have work till then so it'll be hard to get any games in before Wednesday.
    No not really, I'm just incredibly ill so I have the time to get on =[ missed 5 straight days of school because of some flu. But eh, I might get on Xbl (and maybe on KHI too) once I get some choice games.
    Ah hi!
    We have to catch up on MSN one of these days. D:
    It's been awhile since I talked to you there. :/
    Whoa, when did you get back from... wherever? I was under the impression you were just... gone.
    D8 I can explain that. I did that to delete VMs where I gave what I felt was too much personal info.
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