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  • Sorry its thuderstorming in my area might be why the connection drops. And dont worry about the crit its part of random game hax lol
    huzzah! :D thankyou~

    and thanks XD it's kinda confusing because you find an IV seed, then you use that seed to get another seed, then that seed is used to get your TID/SID and its all @_@
    I haven't started Black yet because of the whole RNGing my starter lol, so it's just on White for now.
    lol I'm here. Are you ready to traaaaade?

    Also that kinda sucks you don't know about it D: none of the guides I find are very helpful or seem to confuse multiple things...
    *poke* :3

    also, you wouldn't happen to know anything about ID/SID RNGing, would you? I'm kinda sorta trying to get a near flawless shiny Tepig :v
    =D! That. Is. Awesome. Thankyou so much~ Tell me when you're on and ready to go, broshizzle.

    And that's fine :3 I'm not in a hurry for it. I just like coming up with these potential teams all the time anyway XD
    teehee thanks bromie :3

    it's cool :3 whenever you're free to do so~ seeing as there's no KHI League... yet again, the team review isn't exactly a priority, although the Zorua would be cool considering I'm getting Black soon... I think.
    Is there something you want? I'm gonna go and buy an AR tomorrow, so I could clone you the legit Scizor I have.
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