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  • My eye's are actually hazel-ish lol but I had colored contacts last year that made my eyes blue.
    Like I said, deceptive haha
    Ah I see.
    Same here! :D I would love it if he did! I've been anticipating ever since I started college weeks before the game. I was just so mad when they moved it to September 7 instead of August/July and they said summer and I don't even consider September that much of a Summer. XD
    Are you going to any of the theme parks there?
    Fun fact! I'm going to go see it tonight! :D I'm super excited!
    And he never lets me play with his camera.... it's his baby and he never lets it go lol
    and thanks :) it's mostly the cloud-ish effect that makes them look so cool tho lol very desceptive
    Oh I see, really I went to a school where a Freshmen building was separate from the main High School. It took me awhile to adjust when I became a sophomore in High School. Wow, that's cool. I wonder if you went to the same High School I did or somewhere else...then again, you said 15 minutes away from your main High School, so that's not possible since ours was really close like a minute or two. XD
    Me too, I asked my brother for it during Christmas!
    Really? What part are you going to?
    PFFFT. Maybe, if he was the friggin Fonz. Leather was out of style then, but its coming back now...
    Oh I see, lol I'm in my sophomore year of college. But yeah...how's your Freshmen year going?
    Oh I see, tell me when you finished it! By the way where did you leave off?
    Yes just got to complete that! What are your plans for Winter Break?
    That's sad. I'm sorry to hear that. My prayers are with you and her family. I can understand. I'll leave it at that.
    I haven't! I really want to see it though! The problem is I have mostly guy friends and none of them will go see it with me lol

    Thanks! I wish I could say I did but I'm not that good. My best friend and room mate took them. My avi is a picture of my eye that he took and he then used his fancy photoshop graphic skills to put the image of clouds in the iris. It didn't turn out as planned but still looks cool. He also took the picture of the flower. It was in a garden near our apartment. He's really good at what he does and has gotten a couple of photography gigs. :D
    That is so terrible. I am so sorry about your lost ):.
    I keep hearing about death in my town, like one of my good friends, best friend died from a car accident this was like in 2006 or 2007 tho, but the car got out of controlled and they were on a mountain, everyone survived by one person, and he was probably the nice one of them all. I dont remember if hte girl was under age at all, but I think she was. But dunno. there was another person died from a ski accident a tree fell on her :/ and she was like the sweetest girl.

    and I am sorry about your lost I am truely am ):
    Oh wow, I see then. I cannot wait for Kingdom Hearts 3.
    I still need to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. :/
    Ah I see, that's understandable. It happened to somebody I know on here. XD
    Busy, I have to work on two essay for different classes and study finals for two other classes. Otherwise, it's been great. My Thanksgiving break is great and my Winter Break is going to be x1000 better. So I'm really looking forward to Winter Break since it starts for me in less then like a week or two I think. How about you? How's life going for you?
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww D: I am so. so. so. SOOOOOOO Sorry ):
    How'd he die. if I can ask ): *hugs*
    Nope. :p

    Oh I see, nice. That must of been fun. So did you get your own game after that or...?
    As for me, I was at a video game rental store and I saw it on the shelve and it sparked my interest. I was in 8th grade at that time and was on my Spring Break, so I decided to get it, played with it, loved it as I felt I was in the game and it held my interest, got it and then played it, and a year later over the summer got KH2. So that was nice.

    I joined KHInsider in 2005, it was nice but I didn't stick too long, made a couple and very few friends, then went on a hiatus and came back two years later and it took me awhile to get to becoming Premium and Platinum member. I felt very accomplished after that and it's funny how some the members that joined after 2005 and who haven't looked at my registered date, thought I was newer then them. I wasn't involved in the forums too much though in some sense. But yeah I was a fan of KH ever since 2004. XD
    Lol girl dont act like you dont like

    You say that as if I should be offended lol I dont wear a weave
    Yes, very true she has and same. I really liked her long hair better.
    Oh yuppers, I definately will go see it then and if not, get on DVD/Bluray...or RedBox it. :) Flynn looks cute. <3 :3
    Lol nice, nice to meet you then, Brandi! So how'd you get into Kingdom Hearts? :)
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