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  • Ah I see, but even if he didn't approve it really shouldn't have mattered.

    Well that's up to you really, considering your reputation and how some perceive you here I'm not inclined to think the reception would be very positive. However, if you keep your cool about the different opinions of others, no matter how vain, it might turn out smoothly.

    That's a slim chance though.
    Oh well, alright then. Awww. On that note, how long were you two together for anyway?
    I don't mind personal questions. But considering I'd rather not be asked about it in public. Feel free to ask me via PM. And I have been fine, quite content at the moment. You?
    Exactly, and another problem is that a lot of teenagers only read the YA genre, which is so dumbed down by authors now that it doesn't help the reader grow at all, mentally. Of course, much of the blame for that lies with the teenagers who refuse to step out of their comfort zones, but I think that the standards for YA literature are dropping. I don't even look in the teen section of my book store anymore because it's all practically just the same simple-minded mush on every page of every book.
    Meh, I don't think Twilight is a great representation of the genre. Well, most books in the Young Adult genre are garbage, especially teen vampire novels, but I've read a handful of pretty good young adult books, or at least they seemed good when I read them.
    Sounds interesting, more exciting than a certain vampire book I know.... *coughTwilightcough*
    Yeah, English has some of the weirdest grammar and so many exceptions to the rules. I think that it's a nice language though. So many possibilities, if you know what I mean. But maybe I just say that because it's the only language I'm fluent in...
    You seem to be doing pretty well with your English, though. Even in the few months I've been here, I think you have improved :)
    Wow, so your third language. Are you finding English to be more easy or more difficult than Japanese?
    Hi, this is kind of random, but what was your first language? I hope you don't mind me asking xP
    You're forgetting the entire name metaphor thingy is interpretation. The names are written in Katakana - there's no true official meaning. About Namine specifically her name was never truly referenced by Nomura, so whatever we say is as good as set so long as it adds up with the facts in the game - which it does, seeing Riku and Namine's relationship.
    Either the wave crashes against the shore, or melds the cliffs against which it breaks - Namine and Riku's relationship holds with the metaphor.
    The metaphor constructed around the three is that of their Island, with the Ocean, the Sky, and the Shore. The Wave ties in all too nicely.
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