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  • It's ok to judge, you have every right, but not everyone is like the past people you have dated. So you made a few mistakes; everyone makes them. But learning from them is what you need to do. And, thinking of your moms sake is a good thing, just don't let her hinder your decisions too much.

    I'm glad you like talking to me <33 and I'm happy I'm helping you somewhat by talking to you *giggle* helping others is what I do I guess.
    Well, it depends on the guy, but just sticking to being single in general is easier. You get a lot more freedom when you're your own person, not attached :D It's up to you though, but at the very least I'm glad talking to me improves your mood :3
    On your sig,

    Kairy is Ven/Aqua. I'm not shipping anyone in the three, but she likes Ven/Aqua.
    Clarification: in case I'm not on your ignore list yet - I'm actually here for some friendly advice.

    If you're running out of space in your inbox, you can back-up the messages you want to keep. There're several ways in which you can download the contents of the messages to save on your personal computer.
    I respond to what I want, no matter who the poster is. I merely tried to debunk your theory- it doesn't mean that I hate you. Also, I have never said anything to anyone about you. I barely know you, why would I talk about you to others?

    Also, if you really don't want to talk to me, why do you keep responding?
    I know exactly what offended you- you were talking about me asking you why you would post a weak thoery. I'm not stupid.

    I didn't say anything more, is what you meant to say. I get that you're not the best with English, but haven't you gotten any better since you came here?

    Also, if you don't want to talk to me, then why would you leave me a message on my profile? Isn't that just instigating more?
    The most preferred method by doctors advice is to take it with water so it dissolves faster and it's easier to take. But some don't choose to do that, it's perfectly fine that you do though.
    Water pill combo, my throat is dry as it is I don't need to chew them; they don't taste all that great to begin with.
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