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  • "All we've done is prove you wrong, not say anything bad about you. of course that was before you tried to lie to us
    I marvel your ladyship takes delight in such a baron rascal. I saw him put down the other day with an ordinary fool that has no more brain than a stone."
    What does that mean?
    I don't really know. I don't really care about race.
    I know I'm into guys with jet black hair and peircings.
    But I don't really care for looks. It's on the inside that matters.
    Why? You're not.
    I'm just saying! The whole blonde hair thing sounds cool.
    EDIT: Why? Did it sound weird? :(
    I know that :D
    How do you look like? I'm not asking for a pic. You can just describe if you want.
    Sorry. Can't do that. Private and personal. But if you want to know
    I have dark brown eyes and I have dark brown hair that's darker than my eyes(the type of dark brown that makes it look black but if you look closer there's a tint of brown) and I have really white skin.
    This world has been connected.
    Tied to the darkness...soon to be completely eclipsed.
    There is so very much to learn.
    You understand so little.
    A meaningless effort.
    One who knows nothing can understand...nothing.
    Take a look at this tiny place.
    To the heart seeking freedom this island is a prison
    surrounded by water.
    And so this boy sought to escape from his prison.
    He sought a way to cross over into other worlds.
    And he opened hisheart to darkness.
    Don'?t bother.
    Your voice can no longer reach him where he is.
    His heart belongs again to darkness.
    All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end.
    The heart is no different.
    Darkness sprouts within it, grows, consumes it.
    Such is its nature.
    In the end, every heart returns to the darkness whence it came.
    You see, darkness is the heart?s true essence.
    So, you have come this far and still you understand nothing.
    Every light must fade, every heart return to darkness!
    Too heartless to be heartbroken it seems
    And it doesn't matter what you see
    'Cause we're all just animals to be
    And no one cares about these beasts
    There is always sleep between part and meet
    with our usual words on the usual street
    So let us part like we always do
    And in a world without you
    I'll dream of you
    When I come to, let us meet with
    our usual words on the usual street
    -Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories
    I'm not gonna ask for your forgiveness
    as far i'm concerned it'd just be useless
    I'm not gonna try to be your friend
    we'll leave 12/08 as our end
    I don't know if you hate me
    though I wish you would
    I'm still gonna Love you
    to prove that I still could
    despite how you treat me
    these coals in your chest
    and despite how I treat you
    these bolts in my head
    I can't ever win
    my only enemy
    but I wish you could see past this
    and then know me
    Tomorrow i'll Forgive
    the sorrow I forget
    and all the pain you gave me
    I've deserved every bit
    and I doubt you'll take the time
    to Realize we're both right
    to even read my words
    and to give me some of yours
    I swear this is the last time
    till we both grow up in our minds
    and you can hate me if it keeps you alright
    but i'll never return that spite
    I can't live that lie
    never will I cry
    so turn your back against me
    as I walk the other way...
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