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    you can call me a moron but

    try quizilla.com, they have plenty of kh2 who are you quizes, but there are other sites with those as well
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    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    looks awsome! i would get that too.:D
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    I'm so mad!

    wait did you use a action replay max system for the game, cause the same thing happened to me whey i used it. i used a "have max card points code" and when the time came that the only thing i could upgrade was my card points the same thing happen to me.
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    The 100000000000th (or something like that) theory

    i though the hearts just return to normal humans
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    question, what i don't get is why is kairi given her keyblade, don't most keybearers discover it on their own? where did riku get it.
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    well. as for sora getting two, i guess it just the power of fusion that allows this. and as for rikku and kairi, riku is a keybearer as well so it was just a matter of time till he discovered his, while how he got one for kairi i'm not sure.
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    gs chets

    no, i don't think their site will have any for a while. on the latest codes list resident evil 4 is on there and when did it come out? like one or two years ago
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    I still don't know...

    yeah that's true. when they added asas they really didn't know what they would make for kh2. they builded off of the movie
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    The Good Old Days

    yeah i remember all those things. hey remember when most peope were sure that dis was ansem's shell, man i can't believe we were wrong. and i was so sure too. lol. and i thought kairi would get her own keyblade in kh2 and fight. i guess i was half right and half wrong. she did get her keyblade...
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    GameShark codes[Very Sorry if Old]

    yes ar max is a good choice. you can update the codes in your ar max system by downloading it from the computer instead of typing new codes. as for gameshark, i have a bad feeling that it won't be making kh2 codes in a while. when did resident evil 4 come out? because that game is in the latest...
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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    omg you guys too!:eek: wow i though i was the only one and i needed to be more careful. the guide for kh was much better. i mean all the mini game for instance, i need info to be the jiminy objective but it didn't give me any info. i managed to beat all the mini games because of searching for...
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    very saddened... kh2 was great but short

    well it took 2 days for me to get to the final boss,(i stopped to finish jiminy's journal, and get to lv. 99 but i figured i might as well fight the boss since it would be a while before i finish all the mini games so i beat him like two or three days after.) then i finished the mini games which...
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    13 super heartless

    well there probably normal heartless, i mean when sora became a heartless he was just a mear shadow type yet he had a nobody
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    please help (if u have a heart!)

    me i just stuck with peter pan and use the triangle button limit
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    GameShark codes[Very Sorry if Old]

    Re: Gameshark you can go to their website at www.codejunkies.com, as for gameshark, i don't think they have any new codes for kh2 nor will they have any for a while so i would get another gamecheat system