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Recent content by Arpack

  1. Arpack

    Arpack's Moogle Ice cream shop

    Come and create your own favorite types of ice cream! (like in bbs) Also have a fun time with your friends.
  2. Arpack

    Reality Shifts

    Which reality shift do u like using the most? I like using bubble blasater because you can take one enemy and use him to take others to his defeat.
  3. Arpack

    Ultima Weapon in BBS

    Idk if it was me but the ultima weapon was relatively easy to get in Kingdom hearts: birth by sleep. I had it eqipped for the first time right before i went to neverland. For everyone else, how early did u get it?
  4. Arpack

    Mirage arena Role play

    Come here to battle other users, and be creative in a mirage arena type atmosphere. Now who wants to batt;e me?
  5. Arpack

    Top 10 Favorite keyblades?

    What are your top 10 keyblades of all time? Mine are the following: 1: Sweetstack 2: lost memory 3: finish line 4: Unbound 5: follow the wind 6: hyperdrive 7: All for one 8: Counterpoint 9: guardian bell 10: ferris gear
  6. Arpack

    I, arpack, new to the khinsider forums.

    In my profile, under my name it lists me as a "nobody" How do i change that?
  7. Arpack

    How ya doin? I'm arpack. Does any here have a 3DS?

    I'm new to this site and would love to meet new people. I have a nintendo 3DS and was hoping that someone with a 3DS and kingdom hearts: dream drop distance. My friend code is 4854-7802-9436